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Is Selenium a Good Course?

A quick preview of Selenium automation tool

We say the answer is as clear as a day. But what makes it so obvious? As such automation testing has taken precedence over manual testing due to various advantages the former offers. Automation testing is more reliable, reusable, less time consuming, offers better software quality, and the list can go on. So, is the Selenium automation tool the first among equals? H2K Infosys is highly-recommended among the IT training portals for offering the best Selenium online training to students across the globe. Numerous candidates who pursued our job-oriented Selenium online training have been placed successfully as automation engineers and in their other desired career choices.

What is so fundamentally good about Selenium automation?

Let’s begin by seeing why the Selenium automation tool is unfathomable? What is it with Selenium that the automation testers simply love it. Why few of the world’s largest companies use the Selenium tool for testing?

Advantages of using Selenium automation tool:

Selenium suite is a portable, automation testing tool that can be used for implementing repetitive functional and regression tests on web applications across browsers and platforms.

  • Free and open-source: First off, availability of Selenium as open-source since 2004, on top of it as a most viable option makes it a preferred choice among small businesses. It means cost-cutting benefits for companies that the other automation tools might not offer.
  • Multi-Language Support: The best part about Selenium is that almost all major programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, Groovy, PHP, etc can be used to write Selenium test scripts.
  • Cross-Brower support: Another aspect about Selenium that makes it unbeatable is it’s – ‘one script run anywhere’ feature. The same Selenium test script can be used to run across various browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.
  • Support across OS: The winning streak of Selenium does not stop here. Selenium is highly portable which makes it ideal for running test cases on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, etc.
  • Easy to learn and implement: Selenium automation framework has a very user-friendly interface that helps the testers develop and run test cases with great comfort.
  • Parallel and quick test executions: Automation testing as such is synonymous with being time-effective. On top of that, the Selenium Grid offers parallel execution of multiple tests. This means the tester can run tests across numerous browsers at the same time and can save a substantial amount of time.
  • Low hardware requirement: This is another area where Selenium outshines its competitors like QTP/UFT, SkillTest. Selenium requires less hardware in comparison.
  • Offers better flexibility: Again, the features like regrouping and refactoring of test scripts give Selenium an edge over its competitors. With the help of these features, the testers can quickly make changes in the code, avoid duplication, at the same time improve productivity.
  • Allows Integration and reusability: Selenium was not developed to be a self-sufficient tool to start with. However, the bonus is that it makes the integration of third-party frameworks possible. For instance, TestNG, JUnit can help managing test cases and report generation when integrated with Selenium. Jenkins, Maven, and Docker can help in continuous testing.

Components of Selenium suite:

First developed by Jason Huggins in the ThoughtWorks lab, the Selenium-now has evolved to be the top automation testing tool with four major components.

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  • Selenium IDE – offers record/playback feature
  • Selenium RC – Also referred to as Selenium 1; Ideal for creating complex test cases.
  • Selenium WebDriver – Selenium 2.0; the powerful WebDriver component makes communication with browsers possible.
  • Selenium Grid – Helps in running parallel test cases across browsers.

The high demand for Selenium automation tool

Companies that are currently using Selenium:

IT experts believe that Selenium is the present and future of the automation testing world. Over 50,000 companies across the globe, from SMBs (small and medium-sized companies) to large enterprises are found to have adopted Selenium for testing their web applications. Almost all the investment banking companies have resorted to the Selenium for executing automation testing.

  • Google
  • ThoughtWorks
  • SalesForce
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Mozilla
  • LinkedIn
  • IBM

Finally, the answer is Selenium is inarguably the best automation framework out there with a massive demand for Selenium professionals in the job market.

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