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The mainframe is high performance and high speed computer which can be used for larger scale of computing purposes like finance, insurance, retail where enormous data is processes many times. The mainframe testing is similar to web based testing. It is procedure to test mainframe systems. The mainframe testing is done on the deployed code for various data combinations set into input file. The software applications that run on the mainframe can be accessed by terminal emulator, which is a software needed to be installed on the client machine. While performing this mainframe testing, the tester needs to know the navigations of the CICS screen. The attributes of mainframe are:

  1. Viral storage: It is a procedure which lets the processor to simulate the main storage which is larger than the actual storage. It is a technique to use memory effectively to store and execute various sized jobs. It uses the disk storage space for an extension of real storage.
  2. Multiprogramming: The computer will execute more than one program at a time. But at a given time, only one program will have the control over the CPU.
  3. Batch Processing: It is a procedure in which the task is completed in the units which is called as jobs. A job will cause one or two programs to execute in a sequence. There is a job scheduler which makes the order of jobs which are to be executed first.
  4. Time Sharing: Each user will access the system through a terminal device. Instead of scheduling the jobs the user enters the command which can be processed immediately. It allows user to interact with the computer directly.
  5. Spooling: It stands for simultaneous peripheral operation online. It is a device to store output of a program or application. The spooled output is sent to output devices like printer.

Classification of manual testing in Mainframe:

  1. Batch job testing: This testing type of processes, involves the executions of batch job for the functionality implemented in the current release. The result of test are extracted from the files, for verification and recorded.
  2. Online testing: It is a testing technique which is very similar to web based testing. It includes testing of CICS screens. The functionality of the existing screen could be added or new screen could be changed.


  1. What is mainframe testing? What are the advantage of mainframe testing?
  2. What are the attributes of mainframe testing?
  3. Explain mainframe testing with an example?
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