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Python Programming Models to Improve Open Source

Python is one of the most used programming languages to design and develop applications, web services, and other programs.  The main reason for its popularity and widespread usage is because of its availability in the open-source license. The availability of any platform or tool on the open-source license attracts many users, and the community becomes bigger and bigger with each passing day. This is one reason we can see many people looking to learn python programming and play with it. However, the python is yet to see many improvements and let us see the opportunities we have in the open-source platform. 

What are the problems of Python’s open source?

Open source is the favorite of millions of people. However, they also come with some drawbacks. So, let us see the top problems of the Python open-source. 


The first and foremost drawback of python is that the developers develop many free applications and programs with other open-source libraries’ help. This is an outstanding feature for a developer to build the most complex programs with ease. However, it can pave the way for your program’s breakout since you will have very little or no control over program libraries. Suppose the library is not changed on a timely basis after morphed into commercial software. In that case, core language release can make dependent code no use, or at the maximum, you can make major modifications. 

How can you avoid this dependency?

Well, if you are looking to get the solution to this problem, the answer is simple. Use pure python wherever possible. Many developers avoid the usage of other open-source tools. Building the open-source program that is solely dependent on pure python and its libraries enables the developers to have complete control over the programs. This will also allow you to maintain control over your programs. Along with it, if you eliminate all your dependencies, the program will become more roust. 

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Poor Interface

There is no doubt that open-source tools and libraries are more powerful and allow them to do many things with minimum coding. Hence, the developers can save a lot of time, and it makes the applications more versatile. The open-source community is also contributing to the frequent release of new versions of Python. Hence, we see many updates for python.  Experts advise you to learn python 3 to get good opportunities in your career path. 

Indeed, it brings valuable benefits to the developers. But the problem is the user interface is problematic. Many people who worked and got used to the GUI interfaces and its large help files in the commercial platform find it really hard in Python. The major contributor to these issues is the little availability of information and resources, command-line interfaces, and no inbuilt help sections. Every user looks for the best interface that provides quick access to the tools and libraries. Access to the quick help section is what many people are looking for whenever they encounter questions while programming. 

What is the solution to poor interface issues?

If you use the T Kinter GUI, you can get rid of the complex interface and lack ready help availability. With the Python programs with TKinter GUI, the user interface becomes easy to use.  Adding to this, it enables you to write the codes with a pop-up help window. It lets the user know how to use each feature with the available explanation. Most large open source license programs offer online examples and tutorials. If that happens with the smaller applications, it becomes potent. If you learn python programming from the best online or traditional tutorials, you can quickly understand and implement things. 

Why use Python?

If you are new to the programming language and want to know why to use Python, the below points will show a few important ones.

  • The code written using Python is straightforward to maintain and read. The syntax looks like standard English, and hence you can easily know what is happening in the program. 
  • It is compatible with numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
  • The availability of large libraries helps to code the complicated codes. 
  • Numerous open-source tools availability makes this platform easy to code for complex programs.
  • Easy to code for complex programs. 

If you are a beginner, “Learn Python the Hard Way” by Zed Shaw can help you in your learning process. It’s a good source to learn Python 3 because it helps practicing many important skills.

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