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Quality Assurance Expectation vs Reality

Today, almost every individual wants to delve into the quality assurance space because of the high payment and opportunities that are attributed to it. According to statistics, the test automation market is expected to reach a worth of 28.8 billion dollars by 2024. This rate shows the number of people entering the field daily to earn some cool cash by performing simple tests on software. Unlike the general perspective, it’s not that real. 

Before you decide to enrol in a quality assurance online course, it’s important to understand the features and challenges that may come along with it. In other words, you need to be aware of reality. In this article, we’ll be making a comparison between quality assurance expectation vs reality. Let’s get started. 


You’d agree that the first stage of becoming a quality assurance expert is training and attending related classes. There are lots of options that you can select from in this area based on your comfort but you need to first realize that it may not be that easy. Most online quality assurance classes are super boring, complicated, and basic to carry out an actual testing procedure. So, before taking any course, carry out a reality check and analyze what you want. Then check the course module and ensure it works with your goals. 

Salary range

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According to online sources, the average salary expectation for a quality assurance expert is between $25,000 to $110,000. That’s a lot of money, right? Now, here’s the reality. As an expert in the field, you may not earn as much as $20,000 per annum. This is very important to know especially if you’re contemplating joining the career cost of the money. Even if you’ll be earning that later, your internship and junior roles which are the beginning of your practice will come with merger payment. 

It’s not all about finding bugs

The general articles and information you get online will tell you the major work of a quality assurance expert is finding bugs and removing them. Well, it is partially, but a huge amount of importance should be on your soft skills. This will help you build a team that understands the processes involved and essentially work in collaboration to create a quality result. 

Also, the stages of the quality assurance process are quite numerous and need a genuine understanding. This, you can get by taking a standard quality assurance course online. 

Scaling through without a mentor

Again, another misconception you may have about quality assurance is that you can scale through without a mentor. Back to reality now. Your quality assurance online course will not teach you all, however, you can combine the lessons with experiences from mentors to grasp it better. During your internship or placement, you’ll have to showcase all you’ve learned and you’ll surely make mistakes. But a good way to continue without discouragement is when you have a mentor to pick you up and show you the way out.

Easy Employment

Yes, the market is growing massively, but you may not find direct employment after the completion of your course. You may have to pass through a series of interviews and exams in different companies before you hit the right one. Even when you get an opportunity, the pay may be so little as well. It can be discouraging, really but you shouldn’t lose motivation at all. It’s part of the challenges that most times are not revealed when discussions about the career are ongoing. 

It’s all testing and nothing else

The last expectation and reality comparison we’ll be sharing in this article is that many potential testers think it’s all about testing. Yes, it is but while you’re carrying out the process, there are other important areas to pay attention to. One of these is compliance with necessary standards and specifications. Default in this will affect your software and delay its launch into the market. So, when taking your quality assurance class, learn more about the standards you’ll be working with. 


That’s all you need to know about the actual quality assurance process. Before launching into the career, ensure you have good knowledge about what you’re going into and be prepared adequately to face the challenges that may come your way. A quick heads up, others have done it, so you can.

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