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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

As more and more of our activities move online, there are a need to keep sensitive information safe and especially passwords to access personal web services. You’d agree that a breach in an individual’s Google account can be disastrous. This is why Cyber security is critical. As technology continues to advance, the tools and techniques for cyber security need to be upped as well. To the rescue is artificial intelligence. To cater to the high demand, individuals have to enroll in AI certification courses. This opens them to the field and explains natural language processing used in the niche.

In this article, we will explore the various roles AI plays in cyber security. For example, it helps in natural language processing, and understanding cyber security and its risks, etc. More on this below.

AI can detect Cyber Attacks

With artificial intelligence, the patterns of previous attacks can be observed by studying the historical data. Machine learning and deep learning approaches are used to build models that identify future attacks even if the techniques used are entirely new. This comes as a breakthrough, especially now that hackers keep evolving and updating their modus operandi. 

AI can prevent Cyber Attacks.

Not only can AI identify cyber-attacks, but it also takes a step further to prevent them from future operations. In this regard, the Artificial Intelligence engineers simulate the hacker’s possible thought process and develop models that can prevent them from happening, should the hacker decide to follow that route to penetrate the system. 

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Hackers operate by first finding the weakest point in a website, thus making their penetration less tedious. They then create malware or similar tools to hit the website from its weakest point. Remember in 2019 where Apple had a $1 million bounty on whoever could hack an iPhone? Yes, the company was willing to pay that much to discover the weak points in their system. With that, they can be sure of a massively secured system for their users.

AI gives more reliable security.

A virus can destroy information on a system. Thus, to prevent them from entering into a system, there are security measures known as Antivirus applications. You probably have an antivirus or two installed on your system now. But, technology has advanced further to the field of artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional security measures, artificial intelligence gives more reliable security. 

AI operates like humans, however, it has more intelligence, hence, it keeps a tab on the slightest threat to security on a system. It can further work to trace the source of information just to ensure the security of the device is safe. While humans sleep, AI keeps working to detect any security attack on the device. With AI, criminals find it difficult to penetrate the servers containing important information.

AI keeps large websites safe.

Smaller websites with less traffic may decide to depend on the traditional security applications because they have little or no information to keep. However, larger websites with more traffic understand the impact of using artificial intelligence in securing their sites. It’s very understandable when we say hackers have lesser interests in penetrating smaller websites because of the amount of data on them. However, a large website with lots of visitors will have a server full of information. This information is the target of hackers. Traditional security measures may fail to provide this because they can’t differentiate a visitor from a hacker. 

AI detects threats faster.

Unlike human activity when trying to detect issues on a website, AI is better and faster. AI processes the data faster and despite the work volume. As you know, humans get tired and need time to rest. Also, while working, they can get overwhelmed by the job and omit some important errors. But, Artificial Intelligence can detect issues and relay them to the developers faster with natural language processing. It doesn’t need time to rest or get tired.

AI detects stronger hacking methods.

Artificial Intelligence helps detect stronger hacking methods. When hackers are trying to penetrate a server, they have different methods. For large websites with very strong security, the methods are polymorphism, obfuscation, etc. These methods are very cunny and difficult to detect by the other security models. If you wish to get into AI, you get to know more about the methods with AI certification for beginners. Once the process is successful, personal information and details may be at risk. But, with AI, you get stronger security against tough hacking methods.  

One of the measures AI uses is known as the honeypot system. The honeypot system is one of the AI tools which helps trap hackers. Honeypot is one of the oldest forms of securing a device or website. It is also present in Artificial Intelligence as a security measure.

AI makes authentication easy.

You know about some websites that require authentication before access is given. This is due to AI. This is one of the ways AI helps keep security top-notch. AI uses methods like facial recognition, reCAPTCHA, etc to recognize an individual. This recognition helps gather data of activities to a site. All these can be designed by students in the Artificial Intelligence Certification Course.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Cyber security is one of the important issues up for discussion in the digital space today. Due to the fewer cyber security experts, many websites have lost lots of data in times past. As the artificial intelligence field is advancing, many individuals are switching to it. Artificial intelligence certification courses are available on many online sites. Thereafter, successful students get the AI certification for beginners. With this, they can continue with their career in AI. AI is very helpful in many areas and it may be the future of securing cyberspace.

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