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Reasons to Use Selenium for Automation Testing

The world is seeing a significant transformation from offline to online mode. The pandemic has quickened the speed and for every business now, going online, is becoming a must. Hence, developing an application or website must go through the testing phase, and there is no better alternative than Selenium when it comes to testing. Indeed, there are plenty of options available other than Selenium. But if you are wondering why developers across the globe love Selenium for testing the automation, you need to read his post. So, let’s start. 

Languages & Framework Support

In most cases, while selecting any tool for development the first question arises: does the new tool support the language I know? Due to the lack of support, many developers had to opt for other tools even though the alternative gives fewer options. Thankfully, it is not in the case of Selenium. It supports popular languages, including Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and others. You can write codes in any of the programming languages you know, and it automatically converts to the Selenium language in no time. The best thing is now you can learn Selenium from experts through online courses. 

Open Source

One of the main reasons many developers use selenium for testing is it is available without any additional cost. So, by saving a lot of bucks, you can try so many things in Selenium. Apart from saving the money, it is one of the reliable automation tools, and the interface and options are straightforward to use with a little technical knowledge. If you also want to save money for automatic testing, become a Certified Selenium Expert by enrolling for the best online course. 

Become Selenium Expert

Supports multi-browser

If you have a project that involves multiple users, you won’t be having any control over the web browsers the users are going to use. This makes you run your code on multiple web browsers to check how your program works. The most significant advantage of selenium is it works on almost all web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. Hence, it saves you from rewriting the codes for each browser and testing them regularly. If you want to learn Selenium from the Best Selenium Training Institute, online is the right platform. 

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Test management is a vital aspect of the testing lifecycle. Testing management becomes significantly more comfortable if you use Selenium. The features such as refactoring and regrouping make the executing the test cases comfortable.  These features enable the testers and developers to make the changes in the codes quickly, minimizing the complexities, reducing duplications, and enhancing maintainability. All these advantages give an edge over other testing tools. The good news is you can also complete the course at your flexible time by choosing the online courses. There are many courses available, and you can select the best selenium automation course online to master your skills. 

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