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Who Should Take the Selenium Certification Training?

All selenium training and certification courses are designed to enable the learner to master selenium as technology. The training is designed to teach developers, as well as manual testers, as to how they can automate web applications using a robust framework. The Selenium certification course training also teaches how it can be integrated within the newer DevOps processes of that particular organization. Lastly, selenium certification training is also designed to help testers understand important concepts including selenium grid, selenium webdriver, selenium IDE, etc.

Is Selenium Testing Certification Course suitable for you?

To begin with, selenium certification training is ideal for you if you are a test engineer, test manager, test lead, quality assurance engineer, test analyst, software developer. It is also recommended if you are an engineer keen to learn testing and incorporating automation testing skills in your profile.

Certified Selenium Training Online

Here we have listed out the top reasons how a selenium certification can help your career.

All IT Courses 50% Off

★ It is a free tool

Being an open-source tool, selenium is free for use.  Businesses or Enterprises can deploy selenium to test their web applications, independent programs, websites, etc. As an individual programmer, you can also use selenium to practice automation testing.

This is one of the most prominent reasons for selenium’s popularity. Other testing tools of the same caliber are either licensed or do not offer enough features.  to the expert selenium can be compared to proprietary tools like IBM RFT, TestComplete, HP QTP, and Ranorex. Therefore, when it comes to features selenium is one of the best free tools available in the market today.

★ No complex hardware or software needed

Interestingly, selenium does not require a high HDD system or complex hardware to function.  Neither does it require users to maintain Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. In other words, it can run on any operating system for the purpose of testing.

Further, you can also test your website or web application on any browser including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

★ It can support multiple programming languages

Unlike most testing tools in the market, you need not be specialized in any single programming language to work with selenium. You can be skilled in any of the popular languages like Java, C#, VBscript, etc. in order to kickstart your career as a selenium certified resource.

★ Ideal for DevOps

With corporations replacing agile and waterfall approaches with concepts like DevOps lifecycle, selenium is the ideal choice for such environments. Mostly because very few tools qualify for DevOps testing since DevOps emphasizes on using open source tools.

Additionally, selenium is a web-based testing tool. With an increasing number of software products being developed using the cloud, selenium is the ideal option.

★ Distributed and concurrent testing

Selenium testers can run multiple and concurrent test cases on the same machine or even remotely on different machines.  For this purpose, selenium offers remote testing capabilities. Distributed and parallel testing allows users to execute a higher number of tests in a lesser amount of time.

★ Can be integrated conveniently with other tools

Selenium can be conveniently integrated with other tools like Jenkins, Maven, AutoIT, etc. that are open source tools and used extensively in DevOps. These combinations can be useful for achieving continuous testing in an environment like DevOps. Hence, allowing users to achieve the required levels of automation.

★ Flexible tool

Selenium is also a flexible and scalable tool testing automation tool. It allows users to design the test cases either by recording / playback approach or by programming logic. You can easily use IDE to record your tests in case you do not have any technical knowledge for executing script webdriver code. You can then export the programming logic to a programming language that you are comfortable working with.

Wrapping Up

Selenium is one of the world’s most popular technologies used for testing purposes. As a result, there is currently a high demand for selenium trained and certified software professionals. This also makes it one of the highest paying jobs in the testing domain. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is no time like the present to go ahead and prepare yourself to take a selenium certification exam online.

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