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Some leading Java Profilers to check out in 2024

There are several Java profilers available. In this article, we will discuss some leading Java profilers such as YourKit and the Netbeans Profiler. Check out the Java course online to learn more.

1.YourKit Java Profiler

Another popular profiler for Java applications is called YourKit. This cross-platform utility works with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, FreeBSD, and others.

It has several tools to visualise threads, garbage collection, memory leaks, and memory use, just like the JProfile. In order to use SSH tunnelling, it also allows local and remote profiling.

When we wish to profile thrown exceptions, the YourKit profiler comes in handy. The types of exceptions that were thrown and the frequency of each exception are easily determined.

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It offers intriguing CPU profiling capabilities that mainly target particular sections of our code, such as thread subtrees and procedures. The YourKit tool’s what-if feature, which offers conditional profiling, is a highly potent feature.

Features of YourKit

Below are some key features of YourKit Profiler:

Excellent Java Profiler

A great tool for profiling Java applications in both development and production environments is YourKit. Java has never made CPU and memory profiling so simple and quick while doing activities at the same time. However, Your Kit offers both features simultaneously. Java developers have an unmatched advantage from this.

Ready for Task

YourKit offers profiling for many platforms and Java application types as well as servers. Both local and remote usage are possible. It is helpful in identifying performance problems during the stages of development, manufacturing, and testing.

Integration with IDEs

For all types of Java applications, it offers plugin support for all the major IDEs, including Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. Moreover, it offers intelligent navigation from source code to profiling results.

Profiling the Remote Applications

It offers a simple method for profiling a remote application that is comparable to the local application. It will automatically configure everything when we need to profile a remote application. We require SSH access in order to begin remote profiling.

CPU Profiling

In order to retrieve the method and time information with the least amount of overhead, it makes use of several JVM and OS features. The CPU profiles can be shown as a list of hot areas or as call trees. It offers a what-if function that is intelligent enough to assess the purported optimizations’ performance gains without re-profiling the application.

Flame Graphs

It offers a CPU flame graph, which is a useful tool for seeing the performance of applications. The flame graphs allow us to rapidly and readily identify performance bottlenecks.

Web requests and database queries

YourKit profiler helps us identify performance bottlenecks by displaying sluggish web requests and SQL queries. It works with all of the main database tools, including HBase, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

Some leading Java Profilers to check out in 2024

Memory Profiling

It allows the object graph to be traversed in any direction and gives a memory profiler access to a visual object heap. It specifies how to display the contents of a HashMap or a String value appropriately and presents an object’s properties in a format that is easy to use.

We are able to observe how much memory is used by each item as well as the consequences that arise when a single reference in an object graph is missing. Without changing the code, it will save time and predict the expected memory leak correction.

Comparing Snapshots of the CPU and Memory

It monitors how alterations to the code may impact the performance of our application. Additionally, it exports comparison reports in several formats and compares the memory and performance snapshots.

Performance Inceptions

In order to improve code speed and efficiency, it offers more than forty thorough examinations. The common problems with Java applications are automatically identified by the YourKit profiler. Leaked web applications, unsealed SQL statements and streams, and duplicate objects within our application are all easily located. It shows ineffective I/O and collection processes.

Thread Synchronisation Issues

It presents the visual activity of the thread. Threads that have been stopped and the reasons behind them are readily located.

It instantly displays a warning and details about the blocked threads in the event of a deadlock.

To obtain a comprehensive understanding of the requests handled by our application, we may integrate the states with HTTP requests and SQL queries using the YourKit profiler.

Performance Charts and Telemetry

It offers an interface that is easy to customise and use for keeping an eye on several aspects of CPU performance, including memory and GC activities.

Exception Profiling

It offers top-notch exception profiling. Massive exception throwing is generally widespread, yet it has an unnoticed performance cost. The exceptions are thrown at every point that the YourKit profiler locates.

Command-Line Interface

More than GUI, many tech-savvy people prefer to use the command-line interface. Many operations can be completed with the YourKit command-line program without utilising its interactive user interface. By incorporating performance monitoring into a continuous integration process, we can automate it.

NetBeans Profiler

A great profiler with a number of sophisticated profiling capabilities is NetBeans Profiler. The NetBeans IDE has it incorporated. It offers profiling capabilities like threads, memory, locks, CPU, and SQL query profiling. Additionally, it offers JVM monitoring, which is useful for resolving memory and performance problems.

A cross-platform tool, NetBeans profiler works with all of the main operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris.

NetBeans IDE is included in the bundle. It resembles the VisualVM profiler quite a bit. If you want the profiler and IDE in one location, it will be helpful.

For IDEs, all of the other profilers listed above have plugin support.

Java Mission Control

A new tool for profiling and diagnosing Java is called Java Mission Control (JMC). For basic monitoring, managing, and production time profiling, it offers a number of capabilities. It is a low-performance overhead tool with quick performance. The profilers’ performance overhead has long been a problem. It is a runtime tool built on the JVM.

Some leading Java Profilers to check out in 2024

JFR (Java Flight Recorder), JMX (Java Management Console), and numerous additional plugin utilities are available through the JMC. JFR is a profiler, while JMX is helpful for managing and watching over the Java program.

Eclipse and other IDEs are supported via Java Mission Control plugins.

Other Useful Profilers

Several of the best Java profilers have been discussed. In addition to the profiler already stated, there exist several other potent Java profilers on the market. Prefix and New Relic are two popular and helpful Java profilers. A number of profiling functions are also available with these profilers, including trash collection, CPU and memory profiling, and others. These profilers are not as popular as the profiler under discussion, but they are nevertheless worthy of being mentioned in this article. These profilers are more helpful to some users than some of the top profilers.

Prefix, for example, is a great tool for profiling. It offers support for additional web apps in addition to Java applications.


Check out the Java programming online course to learn more about Java Profilers.

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