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SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS)

SSIS is a fast and flexible data warehousing tool that will be used for data extraction transformation and Data loading. SSIS can be used to load the data from one database platform to another database platform such as SQL Server, Oracle, Excel file etc.

SSIS is expanded as SQL server integration Services. SSIS is one of the component in the Microsoft SQL server database software. It is used to perform a wide range of integration tasks. It is also called as a data warehousing tool used for data extraction, loading the data into another database, transformations such as cleaning, aggregating, merging data etc. SSIS is a tool that also contains the graphical tools and window wizard workflow functions such as sending email messages, ftp operations, data sources.

SSIS is a tool which is mainly used to perform two functionalities:

  • Data Integration- SSIS performs data integration by combining the data from multiple sources and provide unified data to the users.
  • Workflow- Workflow which can be used to perform several things. Sometimes we have to execute some specific steps or may be particular path which is either based on the time period or the parameter passed to the package or the data will be queried from the database. It could be used to automate the maintenance of SQL server databases and gives the update to the multidimensional analytical data.

Data Integration:

This data integration is a process that we need to follow to integrate the data from multiple sources. The data which can be either heterogenous data or may be homogenous data. This data will be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. Here the data integration, the data from different dissimilar data sources to integrate to form some meaningful data.



SSIS can be used for following reasons:

  • Data may be loaded in parallel to many varied destinations. SSIS is used to join the data from a many data sources when generating a single structure in a unified view. It is responsible for collecting the data, extracting the data from multiple data sources and merging into a single data sources.
  • It removes the need of hardcore programmers

SSIS tool creates tight integration with other products of Microsoft.

  • Integration with other products

SSIS tool will create a tight integration with other products of Microsoft.

  • Cheaper than other ETL tools

SSIS tool is very cheap than most of other tools.It can resist with other base products, their manageability, business intelligence.

  • Complex error handling

SSIS will allow handling the complex error within a data-flow. We can start and stop the data flow based on the severity of the error. We can even send an email to admin when some error occurs. When an error is resolved, then it picks up the path in between the workflow.

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What is SSIS package?

Package is a fundamental block when we code in SSIS. Here code means development we do not any programming language coding. The development is done in the SSIS package. SSIS is mainly used for ETL process, it is performed inside the SSIS package.

SSIS is made of three parts

What is The SSIS Package
  • Connections

SSIS package will be some connections and the connections are used to connect to various data sources.

  • Control flow elements

SSIS package consists of two elements which are control flow elements and data flow elements. Control flow elements handle workflows. Workflow means that we are performing some tasks in steps so the sequence is done through the control flow.

  • Data  flow elements

This data flow elements perform transformations.

SSIS Tasks

In this SSIS package we can add the tasks. When the tasks are used as a unit of work and we will have different types of tasks to do the different kinds of tasks. There are many types of tasks. They are

  1. Execute SQL task- It is used to read the data from one or more data sources transform the data and also load the data and also the data will be load into more destinations.
  2. Analysis services processing task- It is used to process objects of an SSIS cube or tabular model.


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