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The Future Scope of a Python Developer

In the world of programming languages, there are very few languages accepted by millions of programmers and users globally. Undoubtedly python is one of the highly accepted and used programming languages. It has been in the programming world for many years, and the good thing is, it is becoming popular with each passing day. The introduction of new features is also attracting many developers and businesses to adapt Python for their business. This is the reason every expert is predicting the excellent future for Python developers. The experts’ predictions and current-day demand make many people search for the best python certification course and enrich their career in a big way. Today, let us understand everything about these talks about the future of Python professionals. However, if you want a short answer, the future is promising! 

The Future is banking on Python.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, natural language processing, Big Data, and deep learning are the future. And the great thing is everything is depending on Python to a larger extent. Python programming language is an object-oriented language, and consequently, it enables the smoother execution of tasks. The other cool feature of this programming language is the simplicity, code readability, and excellent stability. This language is easy to use, requires less code, and is a less time-consuming task. Along with this, Big Data is emerging, and Hadoop is the main tool used for Big Data. Python is also compatible with the Hadoop ecosystem. 

Additionally, Python is becoming the most preferred programming language in the field of Data Science. Python gets the top position in the table as per the IEEE Spectrum’s interactive list of top languages. C, Java, & C++ take the next places. The HackerRank survey also tells the same story. It says Python is the most preferred programming language by all developers irrespective of age group. This is the reason many aspirants look to learn python using the best python tutorial. There are many library tools and frameworks available only for Artificial Intelligence and for Big Data. 

Python’s frameworks and libraries

The Python community is large, and millions of users are a part of it. They are adding new frameworks and libraries continuously. Some of these libraries and frameworks are specially created and useful for emerging technologies. To name a few, in the field of AI, libraries such as PyBrain, scikit-learn, PyML, MIPS, etc., are beneficial and make the Machine Learning process easy. Simple AI is available for general AI, Pynn, neuro lab, etc. are available for neural networks, and for natural language & text processing Quepy is there. In the field of Big Data processing analysis, toolkits and libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Bokeh, Scikit-Learn are more than useful. 

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Python is already used by big companies.

If you are looking to learn Python by taking several python classesit is an excellent decision. The reason is Python developers’ scope is very promising since many big companies are already using this programming language. Let us look at who and all using Python in their daily operations. 


Python handles Spotify’s more than 80 percent backend services. The remaining job will be done using C/C++, Java. It uses Python for data analysis and backend processing. 


If you look to learn Python through a python certification cn framework Django. Since Pythoourse, you can learn it easily. Instagram uses Python 3 by combining it with Python provides a faster response time, it saves a lot of time and offers other benefits. 


YouTube,  the leading video service provider, also uses Python. It uses Python by combining The Disney network utilizes this programming language with other technologies such as Apache and Hadoop. 


with Apache Spark to perform its real-time analysis. 


Amazon is one of the top companies that use the Python language. It uses an ML engine to study consumer behavior and habits to provide accurate recommendations. 


The number one social network in the world, Facebook also utilizes Python for backend processing and image processing. 

The list doesn’t end here; other big companies such as NASA, Nokia, Quora, Reddit, etc., also use Python. The usage of Python by these many companies itself showcases the promising future of Python. 

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