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Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Quality Assurance Testing Skills

As per a research done by the Fifth Quadrant, 80% of the customers would not be utilizing a product or service from an organization after having had even a slightly bad experience. A lot of this is directly associated with the nature of the product or service that the business provides to its customers.

Thus, be it a product, a service, software, or organizational processes- it is important to keep quality in check. 

That is what Quality Assurance is all about. It is a process used by Quality Assurance Testing skills to learn if the product or service is up to the promised quality and whether you are giving clients the sort of product or service that will keep them turning into your regular customers. The thought is to provide a product or service that reliably keeps up high quality. It is a proactive methodology where deformities are distinguished before a product or service is offered to the market. This is crucial to consumer loyalty. At the point when clients are satisfied, your organization is in a vastly improved situation to progress effectively.

Having said that, the importance of Quality Assurance is directly proportional to the degree of skills required to test a product or service. While the automation in testing has certainly helped the testing engineers, the concerned automated testing tools also require certain surveillance to ensure quality check. Therefore, it is highly essential to keep improving your Quality Assurance skills. 

Surround Yourself With Testing

Well, it is not a manner of speech, we literally mean what the heading says. Everywhere you go, whatever you do, as a Quality Assurance Testing skills professional, your glasses to view the world should be designed in a way that helps you assess the quality, find a defect, and solve it. 

While reading a book, understand where the author must have been wrong and what can be improved in terms of paper quality. When traveling with a friend, understand the mentality of what people want and how different people require different approaches and align the same in your organization. 

Well, yes, these are not equivalent to creating test cases and sprints, but changing the process of how you work is the first rung of the ladder that leads you to achieve desired expertise with the association to Quality Assurance. 

Break it Down; But Stay Diversified

Testing quality, be it of anything, is a complex task. You require a good command in analytical skills, critical thinking, and technicalities of the product or service you plan to test. Eventually, it is nearly impossible to carry on the whole task in one go. Thus, it is important to break down the process into smaller bits and, to ensure it sticks throughout, it is even more important to begin the same while polishing your Quality Assurance skills. If you do not understand the priority as to which sub-skill to be learned first, you may want to go through the skill tree method by Danny Forest. 

Do not confuse the breaking exercise with limitations to the skill you learn. Today, a Quality Assurance professional is required to perform more than testing. Such as programming, automating, understanding organizational processes, documenting, and a lot more. Therefore, make sure you stay diversified in the process of improving your skills, and break them down for easier and better learning. 

Get on With a Certified Training

This method is one of the most used and well-known for its results, and it is all for the right reasons. Getting yourself enrolled in training to develop QA skills will not only help you with improving the skills but also with the credibility that comes along upon its completion. 

  • You will learn skills you did not possess earlier, and also get to polish old skills at the same time. 
  • Training will help you build a network, learn with them, and enhance your teamwork-based skills. 
  • You get in touch with a mentor, probably in the long run. 
  • The certification will speak for itself. 

In order to improve your skills, we suggest doing them all. Notwithstanding, if it gets intimidating at first, you may start with the one that fits your requirements the best. 

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