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Top 10 Automated Software Testing Jobs 2021

In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of software engineers and automated software testing jobs that have been brought to technology companies. This is because there has also been an increase in the demand for software-based products around the world. These engineers and automated software testers also include the ones who specialize in software quality assurance. 

Automated software tester jobs are common in technology companies because it is an important process. Automated software testing involves processes that confirm if a software is functioning in the right manner before it is released into production. They make use of scripted sequences as a software testing method that is executed by testing tools.

According to a report from CareerBliss, the software quality assurance testing job (which is an example of an automated software testing job) is the second happiest job in the world. They took into consideration the work environment, compensation, growth opportunities, professional reputation, company culture, and daily tasks to achieve this ranking.

There are various automation testing job roles available that you can identify yourself with. But to be certain of getting one, you have to be a professional or expert in automation software testing. You can achieve this by registering for automated software testing training or a quality assurance testing course

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 automation testing jobs common in 2021. So here they are:

1. Automation Test Engineer.

The role of an automation test engineer in a technology company is to develop and design programs that will be able to conduct automatic tests on both existing and new software. The engineers also use specific guidelines to develop programs and write automation scripts. 

For you to become a successful automation test engineer, you must possess exceptional mathematical aptitude abilities. You must be good with programming languages like Java and C#, and also have excellent skills in time management. It is also required of you to at least have a degree in software development or computer science.

Some of the responsibilities of an automation test engineer are:

  • Research defects and faults in software through testing.
  • Design and develop scripts for test automation.
  • Collaborate with software developers and quality assurance (QA) analysts to bring about solutions.
  • Stay informed about the latest industry developments. 

2. Automation Test Specialist.

The automation test specialist works with the development team of a technology company. They both work hand in hand to build, support, and maintain different range capabilities that ensure the digital systems of the company are fit for purpose. The automation test specialist is the lead on the test automation. They also provide advice to the team members on automation testing strategies. Finally, they are also responsible for reporting and running regression test suites thereby identifying process and efficiency improvements.

Some of their responsibilities include:

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  • Developing a test automation strategy.
  • Reviewing current automation testing practices and capabilities.
  • Mentoring their team members on automation processes.
  • Contributing to the rise in automation test coverage.
  • Introducing and maintaining test tools that are relevant to the technologies in use.

3. Quality Assurance (QA) automation Tester.

A Quality assurance automation tester is an automation developer whose job role involves designing and writing codes and programs that run tests on both new and existing software automatically. They make use of the automation framework to write test scripts, construct programs, and perform the testing. 

As a QA automation tester involved in software QA testing, you should have a good knowledge of agile and scrum methodology, a good experience in backend testing and SQL, extensive knowledge in Microsoft Excel and Word, Oracle databases, and UFT, amongst others. It is also vital to do a QA testing training course. Some of the responsibilities involved in the quality assurance automation software tester job are:

  • Run and execute the manual test for the given application with qTest environment and also capture any bugs identified.
  • Re-testing bugs that were once fixed by the developers.
  • Creating test data required for UAT, system testing, and regression testing.
  • Executing system and field-level test cases.
  • Providing automation expertise to the project team by troubleshooting automation issues.

4. Automation Test Architect.

An automation Test Architect is an individual with top-level technical expertise in automation software. They are the ones in charge of creating and presenting reports to the team. They also conduct sprint testing within an environment used for Agile testing. Also, they establish solutions for test automation through the use of accelerators, partner’s products, and tools. Finally, they develop the test strategy and plan by establishing the project goals and requirements.

To be a good automation test architect, you should have a good understanding of mobile, web, API, and database testing technologies. You should also have vast experience with test management and test automation tools. Finally, you should be aware of the current trends and practices in the automated testing industry.

5. Senior Quality Assurance Engineer.

This places at a higher rank in the software tester job levels. A software quality assurance (QA) engineer spearheads the activities of the quality assurance staff for product and software design companies. They also oversee the creation of test procedures, the production of test documents, identifying defects and faults, reviewing quality assurance reports, and ensuring that the company products are successfully deployed. To be a senior QA engineer, you must have full knowledge of software QA testing and must have undergone a QA testing training course. But for you to be successful, you should have high-level problem-solving skills, extensive experience in analytics and project management. You are also required to have previous experience as a quality assurance engineer and have a degree in product management or computer science.

Some of the responsibilities of a software QA engineer are:

  • Leading the quality assurance team in designing QA test procedures.
  •  Implementing the quality assurance test procedures and heading the QA process.
  • Conducting analysis checks on various product specifications.
  • Replying to requests from the design management and team.

6. Senior Automation Testing Analyst.

They are active participants involved in sprint planning activities. They are the ones in charge of setting up and maintaining shared and local test environments in coordination with technical services. They also perform risk assessments that will guide the various proposed test coverage.

Some essential requirements that you need to have to be a successful senior automation testing analyst are:

  • Deep experience of the automated testing frameworks.
  • A good level of experience with a programming language that is object-oriented. Java is the most preferred language. 
  • Understanding of test design and execution principles.
  • Some level of experience with continuous integration tools and practices.

7. DevOps Engineer.

DevOps practices have transformed to the experience and best practices of managing the testing, development, and support process in the software development life cycle (SDLC). The role of the DevOps engineer as a software tester job is paramount, and it is critical to the success of any technology company project. They play an essential role in integrating the project resources and functions across the life cycle of the product (which includes planning, building, testing, deployment, and support).

Some of the main responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer are:

  • Implement different development, testing, and automation tools.
  • Defining development, test, release, support processes needed for DevOps operation.
  • Encouraging and building processes involved in automation.
  • Managing periodic reports on the progress to the company and its customers.

8. Senior Test Automation Software Engineer.

These are software technical experts that have a good knowledge of software testing with an automation framework. They are also involved in leading and training other software testers and engineers. They design, maintain and implement advanced automated test scripts using Selenium, UFT, and Cucumber.

For you to be successful as a senior test automation software engineer, you must have experience with Unified Functional Testing (UFT), DevOps, Agile methodology, Cucumber, Selenium, amongst other tools.

Some of their other responsibilities are:

  • Maximizing test automation and participating in development activities that are test-driven. Examples are the Contractor System Test (CST).
  • Researching and reporting any problem and bugs into a problem tracking system called JIRA.
  • Designing and implementing overall automated testing software infrastructure required for modular test execution and management.

9. Senior Test Automation Software Consultant.

These are consultants that have a proper understanding of software automation and testing. They must have completed the automation and QA testing training course. They have good knowledge of modern software architectures and development methods.  A good senior test automation software consultant should not only be able to develop and maintain a large automation test framework from the beginning but also to design, plan and implement automation frameworks.

They also have good knowledge of tools like Selenium, .Net, C#, Java, Scrum, Azure, amongst others.

10. Automation and Performance Testing Developer.

This is a software developer who writes and designs programs that run automated tests on software. They play a vital part in the successful completion of the software development life cycle (SDLC). They also make use of test automation frameworks. They work with software QA testing analysts to find out solutions to problems.


These jobs are common software tester jobs amongst technology companies and you can grab this opportunity to begin your career as a software tester in 2021.

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