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Top Cybersecurity tools in 2022

Cybersecurity tools are growing in popularity as they manage the security facets of an organisation. They can determine whether the network has any holes, such as default passwords, or whether any suspicious files or directories might be hiding viruses. Additionally, they scan all network protocols including IP, TCP, and UDP for signs of phishing attempts and look for them in emails. Cybersecurity technologies not only identify vulnerabilities but also offer recommendations on how to fix them. These cybersecurity technologies can make sure that your data is safe online and that no one may access your company’s network in this way.

You can learn more about Cybersecurity by enrolling at a good online Cybersecurity training platform. Here are some of the top popular cybersecurity tools available in 2022.


An open-source vulnerability scanner called Nikto checks web servers for potentially harmful components like viruses and damaged files or folders. Additionally, it looks for any received cookies or out-of-date server components and responds properly. Nikto is a highly quick scanner, but because it doesn’t try to blend in, its presence in log files may be seen. Another benefit is that you can save all of the final reports Nikto generates in any format you find useful, including plain text, HTML, XML, CSV, etc.


A penetration testing framework called Metasploit was created in collaboration with the open-source community and the security and DevOps firm Rapid7. Cybersecurity experts can utilise this framework to comprehend comprehensive security evaluations, identify network flaws, and enhance overall security. There are two versions of Metasploit: an open-source community version and a commercially backed version, Metasploit Pro, which requires a monthly subscription. However, there are enough in-depth documents and tutorials to help you become comfortable with the framework even if you choose the open-source version.


A very well-known network protocol analysis tool called Wireshark enables you to comprehend every last detail of what is happening in your network. A status report can be generated using Wireshark after inspecting hundreds of various network protocols. It can also be used offline and is a packet browser. Many other technologies, including Ethernet, Bluetooth, PPP/HDLC, IEEE 802.11, ATM, and USB, may read data using Wireshark. Because it can be used on so many different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, and FreeBSD, it is very well-liked.

4.Burp Suite.

A web vulnerability scanner called Burp Suite may scan your network for various flaws including OS command injection, SQL injection, cleartext password input, etc. A web application crawler in Burp Suite is also able to examine apps and provide reports on their volatile content. Each vulnerability identified by Burp Scanner includes advice on how to fix it so that the network is secure. Along with expensive Enterprise and Professional editions, Burp Suite also comes in a free community edition.


Developed by Tenable Inc., Nessus is a vulnerability assessment tool that may find numerous network vulnerabilities, such as denial of service issues. It aids in identifying weaknesses that could lead to the loss of sensitive data or the entry of unauthorised users. Default values, blank passwords, and other weak passwords can all be discovered by Nessus. Another benefit is that Nessus’s final reports can be saved in any format that is practical, including plain text, HTML, XML, LaTeX, etc. The community edition of this utility is free, and there are two other paid editions as well.

All IT Courses 50% Off
Top Cybersecurity tools in 2022

6.John the Ripper.

For many websites, John the Ripper functions as both a password recovery tool and a password security analysis tool. It can handle a variety of ciphers and hash functions, including those used by Windows, Unix, macOS, and other operating systems. The most widely used tool for evaluating and verifying passwords is John the Ripper since it offers capabilities for many password formats. Additionally, it may be applied to web applications like WordPress, encryption keys like SSH, SQL database servers, etc.


Open-source network security tool Snort is capable of identifying hackers and halting network harm. It is able to analyse protocols like IP, TCP, and UDP in real time when performing network analysis. Snort can also deal with network threats including illegal port scans, URL attacks, attempts at TCP/IP fingerprinting, etc. The Sniffer Mode, Packet Logger Mode, and Network Intrusion Detection System Mode are the three programming options for Snort. The fact that this program is free is the finest part!


A free and open-source program called Nmap, often known as the Network Mapper, can be used to study the network and gain new insights. Despite different barriers like routers, firewalls, IP filters, TCP and UDP protocols, etc., it is capable of mapping the network. Nmap lacks a guarantee and official support because it is free, but there is a large community that can assist you if you run into problems. In-depth documentation is also available in the form of tutorials, whitepapers, and a book. The operating systems Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc. all support Nmap.

Top Cybersecurity tools in 2022


These cybersecurity tools are some of the top and most reputable ones in 2022. You can look them through and choose the ones that best fit your requirements. Many of them are open-source and free, but those that require a membership also offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself. Since the majority of data is stored online and hackers are a real threat today, cybersecurity is crucial. A good online cybersecurity certification course will offer you all you need to know about cybersecurity tools.

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