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Ultimate Guide to Become a Tableau Expert

Tableau is surely one of the best products in the data visualization and business intelligence space today. Therefore, it is natural for anyone to become interested in enhancing their career and tableau expert. However, before you jump to tableau training classes it is important to understand the role of a tableau developer and what are the associated career opportunities.

What Does a Tableau Developer Do?

The basic job profile of any tableau developer is to analyze and present the data in a form that is easily understandable. This can be in the form of a graph or a pie chart, etc. The end result should lead to easy decision making based on the information provided by the data that has been analyzed. 

As one of the top data science tools, the tableau is capable of performing complex analyses and calculations. Therefore, almost every data analytics developer is keen on working with this tool. 

The tableau developer plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the client’s expectations and the software’s capabilities. The resource is responsible for presenting the data in such a manner that it is easy for the client to understand and complex enough to support near accurate future modeling. The client should be capable of enhancing their existing and future processes with the data visualization that is being presented using tableau. 

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Skills Required

In order to Excel as in tableau, you must have certain inherent skills including analytical thought process and problem-solving abilities. Further, you must have sufficient people skills and be a team player as you will be interacting with the client and the backend teams as well.

At a technical level, you must be good at understanding the format and source of data. You should know how to clean data and create visualizations using different filters, parameters, and actionables. 

Daily Activities

Every tableau training certification course highlights the daily activities that every tableau developer will be required to perform as a part of their work profile. These tasks can include the production of business intelligence reports and views, daily dashboard reports, liaising with designers to improve the system for generating more efficient analysis and visualizations. 

The tableau resource must also be capable of forecasting based on past and current data.

Becoming a Tableau Expert

Data has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Ever since corporations have started deriving intelligence and knowledge out of their data, there has been an increase in demand for easy data analytics software like tableau. Naturally, tableau experts are high in demand.

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a Tableau expert then the first step is to undergo proper tableau training and certification and can launch you on the correct path. 

You can also support your knowledge of tableau with additional certifications and training like Python and R programming. Also, you can learn concepts like predictive data modeling and creating statistical and accurate models. 

On the data front, data extraction, storing, and loading concepts, including database programming, can be extremely helpful for a tableau expert. 

To summarize, the responsibilities of tableau expert include the following:

  • Good understanding of the requirements laid out by the client
  • Built technical solutions aimed at solving the problems as outlined by the client.
  • Preserve business data within the organization using online analytical processing tools (OLAP).
  • Exhausted testing of the tool that is created to ensure that it is ready for use.
  • Continues evaluation and improvement of the existing system.
  • Comprehensive documentation of each process and practice associated with the system and the tool.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a tableau expert requires hard work and dedication. But, most importantly it requires you to have an analytical bent of mind and a certain comfort level while working with large amounts of data. As a tool that is used by small, medium, as well as large enterprises, a career as a tableau expert can be highly rewarding.

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