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How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

In this article, we will be looking at the applications of artificial intelligence in marketing and how marketing brands can effectively make use of artificial intelligence. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Artificial Intelligence has become a major trend in the major technology companies of today. It is finally hitting its strides as technology and imagination are being used together. Apart from technology companies, the masses are also getting used to the concept of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. 

The modern business place has now become the centre for artificial intelligence. This is as a result of the insight-driven eCommerce platforms that have brought about the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). This means that artificial intelligence will have a lasting effect when it comes to marketing. For example, when it comes to digital marketing teams, artificial intelligence helps to fill the gap between the available data and its execution. It helps them to bridge the gap between the customers and the business. 

Marketers make use of Artificial Intelligence to get unimaginable opportunities. Some of these opportunities include improvement of the digital market that will generate better performance and profits, increasing the strong data-driven focus. Also, marketing brands can make use of AI to achieve incredible gains through a better understanding of the customer base. 

As a modern marketer working in a business place, you must know how to effectively make use of artificial intelligence which equally means you must be an expert in the field. This is why it is important to take an artificial intelligence certification course. The artificial intelligence certification training course provides you with all the materials required to learn artificial intelligence. 

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1. Marketers can now use AI Search Engines.

Search engines have come a long way even before the emergence of artificial intelligence. Search engines are normally used to search for the exact names you are looking for. But since the emergence of artificial intelligence, there are more smart and capable ways of discerning your intent when searching for a particular content providing you with more reliable and relevant results. AI-enabled search engines have some new techniques that, when used by your business brand, can help your customers find the service or product that they want to purchase. This is an easy process and will be done even if the customer types a jumbled term. 

For example, if we consider a customer that wants to purchase a product on a massive e-commerce platform like Amazon. The customer has to type the general term in the search engine. The AI-enable search engine that Amazon has will correct any typos to provide the most relevant result. The search engine also has an advanced search feature that provides you with more targeted searches.

2. Marketers can use Artificial Intelligence for market forecasting.

As a marketer, it is vital to ensure that your customer has a good experience. Customer experience is attracting a lot of attention due to the recent changes in the Google algorithm. Therefore, marketers must be able to adapt to the new algorithm to be able to meet or exceed customer expectations as much as possible. 

With artificial intelligence, marketers can now predict better the market structure (especially market demand), providing them with the information required either to nurture the prospect or to move to the next opportunity. A good example is considering a marketer that deals with inventory. As an inventory marketer, you must have an accurate prediction of how much inventory to be sold, and also know when to boost your marketing efforts to get the sale. You can also use the inventory available in anticipation of sales that are higher than the usual average.

Artificial intelligence can also be used by marketers to analyze the conversations they have with a customer to identify the failures and successes. The data derived will be used to know if they should continue with the prospect.   

3. Marketers use AI for programming advertising.

Programmatic advertising is a process that involves automatically buying and selling ads. Publishers and advertisers make use of programmatic advertising to connect to an ad inventory where they can exchange advertisements. Artificial intelligence is helpful with this process especially for marketers because it uses algorithms that analyze the customer behaviour and optimize it for relevant results.

Marketing brands use programmatic advertising to target customers with a high chance of convincing.  They also make use of cookies that provide insights to help artificial intelligence to tailor the campaign. As a marketer, you have to target your customers searching for your service or product, and convince them to purchase. 

For example, marketers can use artificial intelligence and programmatic advertising to target apprehensive buyers. This is done by analyzing the trends on the internet and identifying preferences for better targeting. Some trends offer a clearer picture of customer behaviour. They include cookie data, matching the subscriber, and finding other data sets. These trends allow marketers to create duplicate audiences and adequate segments.

4. Through Content creation.

One major advantage of artificial intelligence especially for marketers is AI systems can find, compile and present useful content to your target audience. The information used to create these contents is pulled from different data sets. This is beneficial for marketers because it complements their content marketing strategy. AI systems can create relevant, highly targeted, and curated content that is appropriate for your target audience.

Marketers also use artificial intelligence to bring about marketing strategies based on the data gotten from the AI system. If these insights that create content for your audience are used, then you can also use the insights to develop a strategy that you can use to communicate to your audience. You can also use this technique to gather information on prospects. As time progresses, the prospects are more likely to buy or subscribe to the product or service since they are looking for that exact offer.

Content creation is an important application of artificial intelligence for marketers. Since this concept is taught in an artificial intelligence training course as well as an artificial intelligence certification course, you should learn an AI course.

5. Artificial intelligence provides chatbots.

In Digital marketing, chatbots are regarded as a major part especially in modern digital marketing. AI-enabled chatbots give responses to engaging customers in terms of customer inquiries. Chatbots allow the marketer to have a high customer retention ability.

Large companies and businesses even with a fully capable team dedicated to customer service will struggle when dealing with millions of customers. This is why chatbots are needed to address the needs of the customer (mainly minor ones). Chatbots will engage the customer thereby freeing up a representative to handle the major questions and concerns. Chatbots can also be used at any point in time which is more practical than having human beings as a customer service team around the clock.

6. Artificial intelligence in marketing for dynamic pricing

It is one thing to predict the future market trends, but it is another thing to apply a dynamic strategy that is effective and accurate. Dynamic pricing is important for you as a marketer because it allows you to optimize sales with a high demand rate. You can also find out when to offer discounts on sales. Using artificial intelligence as a marketer allows you to stay updated with the imperceptible shifts occurring on a large scale. AI-enabled systems provide you with accurate predictions to stay updated with the dynamic pricing trends.

7. Artificial intelligence provides the market with good Ad performance.

As a marketer, the only way for you to know if your marketing campaign is doing well is by using analytics. Analytics gives you insight into what is working and what is not working in your campaign. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide detailed insights and analyses into the successful advertising efforts and the failed advertising efforts. This will then allow you to make the right decision about where to direct your efforts concerning your campaign.

Artificial intelligence shows you how many clicks that an ad has. It also shows you the country or region the clicks came from and what platforms these clicks came from, amongst other valuable data. These data will help in your advertising campaign leading to a higher return on investment. You can also use these insights to make future predictions so that you can have a better picture of the overall trend. These insights will help streamline your strategies to meet your future goals. You can also increase your conversions as time progresses. 


Artificial intelligence is a useful tool for marketers and marketing brands. With AI-enhanced marketing, you as a marketer can rely on artificial intelligence to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You will also know where to invest that will yield the highest return of investment. Artificial Intelligence also improves your customer experience offering better opportunities for engagement.

It is also important to how artificial intelligence works concerning marketing, that is, you must learn an AI course. That is why I recommend you to enrol in both the artificial intelligence training course and the artificial intelligence certification course. 

No matter the industry, artificial intelligence benefits all the modern marketing efforts of a marketer. It simplifies the marketing process and also provides solutions that are cost-effective, accurate, and effective. That is l recommend it for every business.

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