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What Companies Hire Data Scientists?

The world’s top data science firms are always on the lookout for the top data scientists. In a world and job market where Data Scientists positions are ubiquitous, what exactly is a “data science company”? Stated differently, organisations that employ data scientists are not limited to any particular sector.

That is one of the main causes of the extraordinarily high salaries of data science positions. Pay is high and work opportunities are many in lucrative businesses, and data scientists have an excellent employment outlook in both areas.

This is due to the fact that data science is a language—or rather, a multitude of languages! Data scientists can rapidly go to six-figure salaries with the help of code, statistics, and programming languages.

These are not going to be hard to come by and are a constant source of employment possibilities for data scientists.

Data scientists are needed by dozens of businesses with various needs and sizes. Thus, among many other possible careers, there are nearly always opportunities for positions such as data analysts, data scientists, statisticians, data engineers, and machine learning engineers.

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The best jobs for data scientists are ideally found in large, data-intensive firms. These organisations offer the greatest security, growth, and further opportunities for skill and pay development, making them the greatest for data scientists. Check out the online Data course training to learn more.

When looking for data science career possibilities, the following firms are the ideal ones for data scientists to consider:


Major American corporation Deloitte offers services in a variety of industries, including consulting, accounting, auditing, and advising.

Data Scientists

Deloitte has to forecast because it is a consulting firm. These forecasts are based on intricate data that is combined into reports that provide the executive with a variety of options and their expected results.

At Deloitte, among other skills, data scientists and analysts are required for these assignments. Right now, Deloitte is hiring in the US for a number of roles that data scientists are qualified for!

Deloitte is currently looking for a number of data science positions, including managers of data science programs, senior managers of AI & data engineering, managers of data engineers, bioinformatics specialists, and data scientists.


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a group of companies that offer services that are comparable to those of Deloitte, but they also offer financial advising, direct data and analytics services, and assistance with risk assurance.

At PwC, data scientists have access to a wide variety of positions.

For instance, PwC is hiring for positions in data science related to anti-money laundering, which is meant to assist prevent crime! At PwC, forensic clients want data science expertise in the same way as clients who are primarily engaged in data analytics.

Data and analytics managers, data science leads, insurance data analytics & technologies managers, data engineers, and data architects are just a few of the numerous data science positions that PwC has.


Microsoft, a computer software business, is well-known for its Windows operating system, which was one of the first notable developments in data science throughout the 20th century and helped pave the way for the field’s professional growth.

Data Scientists

With the exception of Apple, Microsoft manages more data than most IT businesses since hundreds of millions of consumers rely on Microsoft products to manage all of their data on a regular basis.

Moreover, Microsoft must guarantee that the back-office systems are operating efficiently in addition to making sure that customer operations are seamless.

Microsoft needs data scientists to work in a wide range of capacities for both of these objectives.

At the moment, Microsoft has opportunities available in data science, data engineering, applied data science, data management, and data analysis that are most relevant to data scientists. These positions range from entry-level to senior management.

There is nothing wrong with any of the companies on this list. Job possibilities are generally easy to come by for those with a degree in data science or expertise as a data scientist.

To locate employment, data scientists or individuals with experience in the field might search for “data science” on the career page of any major corporation.

Using this strategy, job hopefuls are nearly guaranteed to discover chances due to the high need for data science in the twenty-first century.

A positive outcome of this is that data scientists are free to select any industry they work in. Many data scientists have more of an interest in forensics than in technology. PwC would be a preferable choice over Microsoft in those circumstances.

Few professions offer this degree of adaptability, a large number of career opportunities, and an average salary of almost $100,000 annually.

To get that kind of pay, many jobs require moving up the corporate ladder. For high-paying jobs, however, data scientists frequently require a degree or certification.

Conclusion To learn more about Data science, check out the Data Science certification course online.

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