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What data visualization software is better: Tableau or QlikView?

In recent days every business is getting more data, and it is becoming a primary asset of every organization. This data explosion has created problems for many organizations, and on the other hand, many organizations are getting benefits from this Data by implementing revolutionary techniques such as Business Intelligence. For businesses making sense out of this massive data, it is not possible with the traditional approaches. Hence, the implementation of BI is inevitable for them, and it is paying an excellent return for every organization. Choosing the right tool is also an essential aspect of the success of any business. In the current world, we can see numerous platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, and many others, and choosing the right one seems complicated. But you can easily select the right tool after reading this post if you have a dilemma between Tableau and QlikView implementation. 



Many people worldwide are now going to Google and typing Tableau Training Near Me to find the best Tableau courses and gain the advantage. The reasons for this are plenty. It is a top data visualization tool that helps businesses convert business data into actionable insights using interactive dashboards and stories. With the versatile customization features, it offers better control over the representation of data and its management. It has a user-friendly interface and encourages users from all technical backgrounds to build and explore data visualization. 


It is a data analytics and discovery platform introduced by Qlik Technologies to help businesses make data-driven decisions based on numerous data sources. It is built to provide speedy deployment and quick configuration. It connects and pulls the data from any data source and effectively helps the data analytics covey their findings. 

Ease of use

QlikView is straightforward to get hidden insights. You need to just type any word without any particular order in the search box to get instant results, and it shows the connections and relationships of data across the data sets. However, it is challenging to design their own views since it uses menu-driven properties. 

All IT Courses 50% Off

The user interface of Tableau is simple and easy. It does not provide too many options on a single page to make things complex; you can get a drag and drop interface in this tool. It won’t give any searching option but allows the user to create their own views. 


When it comes to learning the process, Tableau has a clear edge with the many user-friendly features. Even though a large active community backs both tools, Tableau’s number is high. Due to the easiness of learning, many freshers are learning Tableau through Tableau Online Classes


QlikView provides a free personal edition, but it comes with the document sharing limitation. To get a license, one has to pay from $1350 – $15,000 for a concurrent user.  The server license costs $35K per server and $21K for PDF distribution service, and $22.5K for SAP NetWeaver connector. Plus, it may demand the RAM upgrading if users are more. 

Tableau offers a free version called Tableau Public. The private version’s price is fixed at $999 or $1,999 based on the data access. Tableau server costs $1,000 per user and requires a minimum of 10 users with additional maintenance. 

Mobility & connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, both tools can connect to different data sources and get the data. The best tableau course will help to understand the best practices to adapt. Even from the mobility standpoint, both these tools can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. 


QlikView comes with several security options such as security for the document, script, user authentication, and section access. The Windows NTFS security takes care of the security part for the direct access to QlikView using its desktop version. The access to QlikView web-based console is restricted to Windows users and a particular local windows group member. 

Tableau also has excellent security features, and the Tableau server handles it. Since security is the most critical part, Tableau server manages this aspect very well. It helps the companies to promote trusted data sources and ensures the right data is available for the right people at the right time. 

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