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What Does A Big Data Engineer Do?

A big data engineer is a data scientist and an IT technologist that is put in charge of managing and utilizing data. They are the ones that know what data to use at a particular time to suit that particular situation as at the time it is needed.

Is it possible you might want to ask yourself what exactly is big data? The term Big Data does not in any way mean the availability of more data. It only refers to the data points that accumulate at a much higher rate than “normal” software can be administered. The confines of big data are not strictly defined, nevertheless, large amounts of data include: 

  • One million sales transactions from an online distributor.
  • One million telephone calls from a telecommunications provider
  • A sensor that creates 50 megabytes of data of two nanoseconds.

Moreso, if you work with an administrator of big data, you can be described as a big data engineer. Because of the greatest complexity of big data, the engineer must learn many big data frameworks. If you want to learn how to use these frameworks, you can enroll in reputable big data online training

Responsibilities of a Big Data Engineer

A big data engineer uses skills gained from many fields to accomplish many different tasks. For example, they may be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Works with data architects and IT teams to formulate project goals
  • Builds a highly scalable data management system from the design phase to completion
  • Designs top-level algorithms, predictive models, and prototypes
  • Creates data set processes used for data modeling, mining, and production
  • Develops custom analytics apps and other types of software
  • Makes sure data systems meet specific requirements
  • Oversees disaster recovery preparedness
  • Research improvements in data quality, reliability, and efficiency
  • Explore data acquisition opportunities as well as new uses for existing data and tools.

Aspiring to become a big data engineer one day? As the world changes every day, there are a great need for companies to install more data engineers in their organizations, especially big data capable engineers. The professional way to become a Big Data Engineer includes some steps such as; Education, professional experience, and some certifications. If you have this in mind, you can achieve your goal by getting some certifications in big data courses. Every step of the way, as you proceed in your career as a big data engineer, there is a need to widen your horizon as new technology emerges every day. Big data engineer can sharpen their skills and knowledge by promoting their opportunities as seen by major technology companies. 

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Some certifications require an advanced degree, while others do not have special prerequisites.

Let us have a look at some of the courses that you can take to achieve your goal of becoming a big data engineer below;

  • Certified Big Data Professional

(CBDP). This is a certification course in which you can enroll to become a Big Data Engineer. The CBDP certification focuses on testing proficiency in Data Science and Data Business Intelligence. The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals has developed this certification, the cost of which varies depending on the level of testing. Depending on the level of certification, candidates are required to have at least one year of technical experience and a BA degree.

  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. 

Here is another one you can try. The Google Cloud certification tests proficiency in building data structures, designing data systems, and analyzing and designing machine learning, reliability, security, and compliance. This certification exam takes two hours to complete and costs $200. No prerequisites are necessary.

  • Data Engineer Professional Certified Professional (CCP).

This course certifies experts in certain abilities, for example, data analysis, workflow development, data incorporation, day-to-day data, and storage and transformation. The certification test takes four hours to complete and costs around USD 400. Conditions are not required.

Recently there is a great demand for big data engineers, especially from fast-growing technology companies in demand for skilled and professional data engineers.

You can learn big data the right way and get any of these certifications when you join a big data online course


So the idea of ​​starting a career in Big Data Engineering is not a bad idea. A career as a big data engineer may be a perfect fit for skilled workers who eagerly participate in an interpretive and rapidly growing field that is related to their love for computer science, mathematics, statistics, or computer technology. You can start your journey to become a big data engineer today by using one of the online courses with one of the big data you moved in, and there is so much more online. Good luck on your quest for more information about big data.

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