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What is Python used for: Five industries that cannot do without IT

Python is a multi-purpose programming language that is easy to learn, understand, and use. It is widely used in several applications. When we say it is multi-purpose, it has many uses other than web development. These may include software development, back-end development, data science, and writing system scripts, etc. Let us look at five important industries where Python’s use is widely prevalent and they literally cannot survive without it.

Web development:

Python is probably the easiest programming language to learn. You can learn it on your own even through an online Python tutorial. It is easy to do coding here as it encourages command syntax in the English language using words as opposed to symbols. It has a large collection of pre-built libraries, as well as a built-in framework for unit tests. All these qualities make them indispensable for web development.

Machine learning:

Machine learning is gaining traction among software developers and computer programmers rapidly. It offers exciting possibilities for problem-solving and innovative solutions. It includes concepts like voice recognition, financial services, among so many others. It allows computers to make decisions based on their learning instead of strictly following a codified procedure. Python is integral to machine learning due to the reasons we stated for web development and many more too. Its machine learning libraries and frameworks like Tensorflow and scikit-learn are very popular for machine learning applications. The fact that it also has a low entry point and works seamlessly with other programming languages helps the cause too.


Python is ideal for startups because of its scalability, cutting-edge features, reliability, and of course simplicity. Startups require a lot of homework and they want to get things done in the shortest possible time. Fortunately, Python has all these attributes and many more unique to it, making it sort of inevitable for startups.

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Python is extensively used in the Fin-tech industry. Its usage there started late but now it is the fastest-growing programming language in the financial sector. Its powerful performance, ready-made solutions, ease-of-use, scand alability are why it is so popular in this sector. You can easily create outlets for trade and risk management in this sector. Python libraries are an important resource to ensure quantitative rate problem solving, compliance to data regulation, and analytics, etc. All these qualities make Python an ideal choice for the Fin-tech sector that is there to meet their demands and needs.

Internet of things:

Internet of things or IoT is playing a decisive role in various applications that involve wireless sensor networks, machine learning, big data, cyber-physical systems, and data analytics. For accomplishing all these projects, you need a programming language that is lightweight and scalable. Python fits the bill perfectly and therefore it is ideally placed for such type of work. Python promises immense benefits to IoT applications that we can summarize below;

·       It is managed and supported by a large community, as it is open-source in nature. This makes it easier to devise and deploy solutions developed by different users. In Python’s lingo, we call such solutions as ‘libraries’.

·       Python is not difficult to understand and learn. You can take any Python tutorial for beginners and start learning it. Python online course certification is widespread. There is no specific operating system, and hardware requirements to run Python either. That is another plus point of it.

·       It is closely associated with scientific computation and is the first choice for any application that involves scientific calculation. This fact has made it possible for it to gain inroads in IoT applications.

These are some of the industries that are making full use of Python’s powerful programming options. We hope this will help you realize the potential of this wonderful language.

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