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Which Business Analyst Certification is the Best in 2022?

The role of business analysts in the world today is getting more pronounced with more space to accommodate beginners in the field. Business analysts are considered important experts in an organization and they are in charge of evaluating data trends for better decision-making. 

To become a business analyst, you need foundational knowledge about the career by enrolling in a Business Analysis Training Course. In addition to this, you need to instantly upgrade your skills by receiving the necessary certifications to boost your level. 

Thinking about the best certifications for you? Continue reading this article to learn about the ones you can go for. 

  1. IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis Course (ECBA)

As a newbie in Business Analysis, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Entry Certification course is the first of the IIBA business analysis stages. At the first level, the exam is often written by newbies and junior role business analysts. The exam comes with a requirement of 21 hours of professional learning within four years and other skills that are learned during the Business Analysis Training Course. 

Upon completion of this certification course, you get to move on to the higher stages of the IIBA exams. 

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  1. IIBA Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis

The second stage of the IIBA certification series is the Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis. This exam seeks to test experienced business analysts with at least seven years of experience on the several skills required for effective performance in the field. These skills are in line with the BABOK Guide and grouped into six major elements. 

  1. Certified Business Analyst Professional Exam (CBAP)

This is the third and last level of the IIBA certification series. The CBAP exam tests the comprehensive knowledge of the Business analyst in an advanced format and helps improve the overall performance post-exam. Before writing CBAP, you need a minimum requirement of holding a senior position as a business analyst in 10 years. Also, you need to have recorded actual practicing in a Business Analysis role for a minimum of 7500 hours. Likewise, you need to have developed the proper pathway to achieving your goals in the field. 

  1. Professional in Business Analysis (PMI Certification)

Another popular and highly recognized certification in Business Analysis is Professional in Business Analysis. This is an exam organized and conducted by the Project Management Institute and it seeks to test the varying skills of a Business Analyst.

The exam requires an actual 35 hours of learning in Business Analysis and 7500 hours of practising in the field. As you’re practicing to meet up with the required hours, a Free Business Analyst Training and Placement can serve as the educational background needed. 

  1. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Exam

The Certified Analytics Professional exam is designed to examine the abilities of a practicing analyst in working with complex data. Due to its comprehensive test of knowledge, the CAP exam is regarded among the best certifications to get as a business analyst. 

The basic requirement for writing the CAP exam is either a Bachelor’s or Masters’ degree in a relevant field and five or seven years of practice respectively. 

  1. Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA)

The CBDA exam is one of the most practical exams any Business Analyst can take to test their knowledge in real-time applications. The exam presents a practical business problem and expects accurate real-world data analysis. It requires enough practice and experience before obtaining it. The pass mark for the exam exceeds the average and members need to renew their certification annually. 

  1. Agile Analysis Certification

Although passing through Free Business Analysis Training and Placement in the USA will give you ample time to practice and interact with experts, you need the addition of tools like Agile to remain relevant in the field. Agile is a software that’s popularly used today for data evaluation and it has become a handy tool for business Analysts as well. 

The Agile Analysis Certification doesn’t have any specific requirement, however other bodies like the IIBA have developed one to have a minimum of two years of practical experience. The exam is mainly focusing on the use of the Agile Software tool and a pass mark of 70% as well. 


Deciding to enroll in a business analysis class requires enough patience and evaluation of the skills pre-certification. In this article, you have read about the 7 most relevant certifications to help you scale up in your career. Remember to always stick to the beat that aligns with your goals. 

Good luck!

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