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Why is Tableau used instead of Excel?

Many analysts have used Microsoft Excel to explore the data and represent it in a better way. But the days of using Excel for data representation are gone in many companies. Tableau, a relatively new tool, is ruling the data visualization world nowadays. If you wonder why it is preferred more than Excel, here is the comparison between these two tools. 

What are the things which make Tableau better than Microsoft Excel?

If you ask any expert in the current tech world, they advise you to learn Tableau online. The below points will help you to understand why. 

Discovery of Data

Getting useful insights from the data is essential for every company to stay in the market. The data exploration and getting results from them is the section where we can see the large gap between these two tools. 

If you are working with excel, you must have a clear picture of where your data requires getting the necessary results. Excel saves a fair amount of data in tabular format. That means your way of gaining insights consists of mapping your answers and creating formulas, visualizations, and analyzing around the data. This makes the process less flexible since you need to drill down the data. 

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In Tableau, the exploring of data becomes hassle-free. It is one of the reasons why we are witnessing more demand for Tableau Online Classes. With Tableau’s usage, you can conduct the data exploration without knowing the answers (this is what we can see in real life cases). With its data blending and drill-down options are built-in, and hence you can make trends and correlations. 

Automatic opportunities

The availability and capability of working with updated information is the key to making accurate decisions. Due to this reason, many organizations are looking for updated and real-time data. In this field, both Excel and Tableau are capable enough to work with static and live data. 

In Excel, automatic refreshing of data can be enabled with macros’ help, which automatically updates the data once the file gets open. To create the macros with macro recorder and PowerPivot, you need to have an in-depth VBA understanding. It helps to get rid of the repetitive tasks but takes a considerable amount of time for building the macro. 

When it comes to automating, the tableau is intuitive in computing and processing. Hence it is easy to build and apply repetitive processes. Moreover, Tableau is flexible and allows the user to develop custom formulas that are absent in Excel. 


The key focus in the current day Business Intelligence field is being given to Data visualization. The representation of data easily is what every company is looking for from the data experts. 

In Excel, you need to have complete and in-depth knowledge to create the presentation. Here, you need to manually design and place charts, PowerPoint Presentations, and graphs. 

You can get to know the differences and changes in your data from the initial stage in Tableau rather than at the end. The many features of Tableau help to create stunning dashboards and charts with ease. Excel can’t even come near to Tableau in visualization aspects. Hence many people are searching with Tableau Training Near Me and enrolling for Tableau courses. 

What Tableau does well?

Data Filtering

Tableau can use the filter option on a single worksheet like Excel. Additionally, Tableau can put the filters for multiple worksheets with several filters as you wish. This process doesn’t require a lot of effort from you. 

Dealing with enormous data

The companies are producing big data like never before. Hence, to deal with this kind of data set, Tableau is the best option. Thus, Tableau Online Training and Placement courses are seeing tremendous success. There is no limit for the data size, and it processes the data as per the capabilities of computer hardware. 

Interactive representation

For making the right decision, the decision-maker has to consider many factors. Hence the interactive dashboards are necessary. With Tableau, you can allow the users to see multiple views with just a click of a button. 

Data Visualization

In both Excel and Tableau, you can create basic and eye-catchy graphs and charts, but the task becomes smooth in Tableau. With just drag and drop options, you can create advanced charts in it. 

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