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Will You Migrate from PERL to Python?

Having seen Python’s syntax structure, you are tempted to migrate from PERL. So, will you migrate from PERL to Python? Is this a good idea?

Here are some points that you must consider before registering for a Python certification online course

  1. Syntax

This may be your primary temptation. Python makes use of a simple, precise, and easy to read programming language. Its functions can be compared to Lisp. Meanwhile, Perl utilizes processes from other programming languages, such as C, AWK, sed, shell script, and even Lisp. 

  1. Language Family

Perl comes from a language family, which includes Perl 5 and Perl 6. Similarly, Python comes from a family of programming languages, which provides Python 1 and Python 2. The migration from one Perl language to the other is more seamless. So, this is a point down for Python. 

  1. Purpose

Perl is primarily designed to simply file processing. Python, on the other hand, was formulated as an interesting programming language. It helps programmers utilize and reuse code. This is pretty helpful for those who are juggling several projects and those in web utility development.

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  1. Ease of Use

Apparently, Perl scripting can be a lot messier. With the clarity of Python, you just may be more drawn in. You don’t have to write several code lines that can undoubtedly attract you to Python over Perl. 

  1. As a web scripting language

Perl can be a little slow as a scripting language despite its attractive textual content processing abilities, which are integrated. Python may still have lost out this game because it does not have a built-in net development. 

  1. Speed and Performance

Perl, however, apparently is faster than Python. Builders have already been trying to help Python code pick up the pace. So, web developers still often turn to Perl for faster and better consumer experience. 

  1. Data Analysis

While Perl can handle large amounts of data, Python is mainly used by programmers for analyzing those data. It can deliver the statistics analysis that you want. 

  1. Text Processing

Programmers prefer Perl because of its text processing skills. They can perform the replacement, matching, and substitution with ease. So, you will still end up choosing Perl for generating reports. 

So, which one should you pick?

If you revisit the points discussed above, both Perl and Python have their own pros and cons. Python is the trendy programming language. It is like your cool pal who responds in short retorts and the latest slang. On the other hand, Perl is an old friend who rambles in boring sentences but can be quite reliable. 

What you choose depends on what you may feel comfortable with. However, you also need to consider the lifespan of each programming language. Developers seem to be steering away from Perl now, which makes you wonder about its future. Meanwhile, Python is getting revamped in terms of its weaknesses. It seems likely that the simple, understated programming script in the future. After all, wouldn’t you want to accomplish more without having to wade in layers and layers of script? 

You should still think about working on your Perl programming skills. However, Python is looking like the future.

Should you enroll in a Python certification course

Yes, you should take python certification training. The programming language is more straightforward and uncrowded. However, it is a robust language that can be scaled better to fit your needs. It is also a cleaner way to code, which makes life easier for programmers and administrators. Python, however, is mostly the one that self-defeats here as it is slowly easing into obscurity and language death, like Turbo Pascal and the rest. 

So, will you migrate from Perl to Python? That is up to you? But, should you migrate from Perl to Python? Yes, you should.

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