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About Business Process And Management Course

  • The Business Management Professional (BMP)™ certificate validates the business professional by providing industry-neutral advanced business skills. The certification measures competency by major institutions and organizations. The Business Management Professional (BMP)™ Certification program is geared towards persons interested in pursuing a career in management or improving their managerial skills. The certificate demonstrates the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to make decisions that are important to the direction and performance of an organization or business. It also demonstrates that a candidate has the required practical approach to manage business in any environment.

    Owning a business requires a vision balanced with attention to detail. You need to be a generalist who understands the multiple aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to step back and see the big picture and to reach into the future. The business environment is a complex place to be. Whether you wish to work as a consultant or freelancer, establish a corporation, or set up an operation that meets a need for very particular type of customer, there is a tremendous amount of information that you need to know and to apply. The E-Learning blended E-Course from the GAQMBok (Body of Knowledge) provides essential learning for new business owners, whether the business is just in the idea stage or you have already begun and need to fill in the gaps.

    The Examination comprises of business management and essential skills in business needed to address these challenges and be successful at managing. It also gives direction as to how to organize, prioritize and delegate tasks, including utilizing some of the technological tools that computer technology offers to increase managerial effectiveness and efficiency, it also comprises of how to hire and manage people for optimum work performance and finally it makes the managers aware of the risk.

    Change is a hallmark of today’s business world. In particular, our workforce is constantly changing – people come and go, and move into new roles within the company. Succession planning can help you make the most of that change by ensuring that when someone leaves, there is someone new to take their place.

    • Business Owners
    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Department Heads
    • Intermediate-level Professionals
    • Entry-level Professionals
    • New College Graduates
    • New High School Graduates
    • Aspiring Professionals, Managers, Supervisors and Department Heads

Business Process And Management Course Syllabus

    • Who are you and what are you about?
    • Designing your organizational structure
    • Introduction to operations management
    • Understanding financial terms and budgeting
    • Getting the right people in place
    • Getting your product together
    • Building a corporate brand
    • Marketing and selling your product
    • Planning for the future
    • Ethics 101 and leadership essentials
    • Building a strong customer care team
    • Training employees for success
    • Learning organizations
    • Peter Senge’s learning disciplines
    • What leadership is and is not (including servant leadership)
    • Kouzes and Posner’s five leadership practices
    • Core skills
    • Understanding the trust cycle and building trust
    • Managing change
    • SWOT analysis and problem-solving
    • Giving effective, constructive feedback
    • Building good relationships
    • Define negotiation.
    • Use key success strategies.
    • Apply different negotiation approaches.
    • Establish rules that lead to effective negotiation.
    • Effectively prepare the research that is required to negotiate, including your BATNA, WATNA, WAP, and ZOPA
    • Set limits.
    • Maintain composure when things get heated.
    • Collaborate and foster cooperation.
    • Remain focused.
    • Keep an open mind.
    • Decide what kind of relationship we wish to foster.
    • Use additional resources and expertise.
    • Keep an open mind.
    • Create a sustainable agreement.
    • Incorporate everyone’s perspective
    • Gain consensus.
    • A need for succession planning
    • Define a succession planning
    • Identifying resources and analyzing risks
    • Defining roles, responsibilities, and functions
    • Gathering information and forecasting needs
    • Putting the plan together
    • Putting the plan into action
    • Evaluating and reviewing the plan
    • Defining conflict
    • Types of conflict
    • Benefits of conflict
    • Costs of conflict
    • The role of anger in conflict
    • The five stages of conflict
    • The LECSR tool
    • Setting norms and rules
    • Seven steps to ironing things out
    • Using mediation and facilitation
    • Confrontational facilitation
    • Managing differences collaboratively
    • Asking questions
    • Listening skills
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Problem Solving Tools
    • Managing anger and stress
    • Stress management techniques
    • Stress management through Positive self talk
    • Conflict as communication
    • Benefits of confrontation
    • Preventing problems
    • Getting focused
    • Dealing with anger (yours and others)
    • Dealing with problems
    • The three-step conflict resolution model
    • Changing yourself
    • Why don’t people do what they are supposed to?
    • De-stress options to use when things get ugly

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