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10 Best Tableau Alternative and Competitors

The below list contains the top 10 tools that can be an alternative to Tableau. This list includes commercial tools as well as open-source tools with their features and download link.

1) Sisense:

Sisense is a business intelligence (BI) platform that allows users to join, analyze, and capture the information they require to make such business decisions that are more intelligent and formulate workable plans and strategies. In Sisense, users can combine all the data they need using a drag-and-drop user interface. Sisense allows users to share the data with colleagues, business partners, and clients through interactive dashboards. Sisense free demo is also available. Moreover, it is the leading business intelligence (BI) software for many companies, from startups to developing enterprises to Fortune 500 giants, including NASDAQ, Sony, ESPN, Comcast, and NASA. You can also export images, Excel, PDF, CSV, and other data formats. Sisense identifies important metrics using calculation and filtering.



  • Data can be exported to Images, Excel, PDF, CSV, and other formats.
  • It also identifies essential metrics using filtering and calculations.
  • This app handles data at scale on a single commodity server.
  • It filters data by dropping fields on the canvas.

Download Link: 

2) Oracle:

Oracle also offers competitive intelligence platforms. Users can take advantage of Oracle’s voice-recognition feature and seamless analytics for both web and on-premise systems. It also allows users to select a recommended visualization that provides custom guidance based on the data sets and the intent of analysis. 



  • It distributes data in the same way across disks to offer uniform performance
  • It provides real application testing
  • It contains a common architecture between any Private Cloud and Oracle’s public cloud
  • It provides Hi-Speed Connection to move large data
  • It works seamlessly with UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms
  • It also includes support for virtualization
  • It allows the connection to the remote database, table, or view

Download Link: 

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3) SAS:

SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics (also known as Visual Analytics) incorporates business intelligence and analytics to detect and specializes in building enterprise-ready tools for users across industries. It offers usable, self-service instruments and solutions; deploy real-time analysis directly on mobile devices and Microsoft apps. This feature allows you to rapidly view company measures and obtain high quality and useful information, which will enable you to create smart business choices. SAS Visual Analytics is the first module that allows you to view data, identify relationships and patterns, and gain a deep insight into interactive visualizations. You can also ask hard questions, irrespective of your ability level. It also integrates with MS Office programs like Excel and Outlook to keep data in the hands of those who need it most.


  • Activities are managed from central locations. Hence, users can access applications remotely via the Internet.
  • It contains a Centralized feature updating, which allows the users to download patches and upgrades.
  • It allows viewing raw data files in external databases
  • It manages data using tools for data entry, formatting, and conversion
  • It displays data using reports and statistical graphics

Download Link:

4) Pentaho:

Pentaho is a business intelligence software acquired by Hitachi Data Systems in 2015. It supports OLAP services, data warehousing, data mining along with extract, transforms, load processes. It also provides features such as the Internet of Things Analytics, in which Pentaho uses IoT analytics to deliver business outcomes. It also provides Big Data Integration and Analytics. 



  • It is an enterprise platform to accelerate the data pipeline
  • It provides a Community Dashboard Editor that allows fast and efficient development and deployment
  • It integrates Big data without a need for coding
  • It simplifies embedded analytics
  • It visualizes data with custom dashboards
  • It is a platform to accelerate the data pipeline

Download Link:

5) QlikView:

QlikView is an information discovery product to create directed analytics and dashboards for company problems. The Associative Data Indexing Engine feature of QlikView allows you to reveal information ideas and the relation between multiple sources and enhance the quality of your company choices. It exposes information, which is not disclosed with query-based instruments, contrary to traditional schemes. This instrument also provides guided research, discovery, and cooperative analysis to share perspectives that make QlikView ideal for smaller and local businesses and large-scale study in all analytical scenarios. It is very user-friendly, but it requires prerequisite knowledge to get the most out of it. It also provides multiple customizable features and dashboards. Users can use the new Nprinting reporting and analytics feature for polished visualization reports. Qlikview customers also can track and formulate data via customized dashboards for all the tools from the Office suite.


  • It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to create flexible, interactive data visualizations
  • It uses natural search to navigate complex information
  • It instantly responds to interactions and changes
  • It also supports multiple data sources and file types
  • It allows security for data and content across all devices
  • It shares the relevant analyses, including apps and stories using a centralized hub

Download Link:

6) Dundas BI:

With the help of Dundas BI software, users can import and export data to any device and connect relational databases, MS Excel, web services, and other formats. New version features include new data transformation tools, data generators, quick filters, and scaling modes. It also supports drilling down/up, filtering, sorting, changing levels, re-visualizing, zooming-in/out, and expanding and collapsing data sets. The solution also offers several customizable features and dashboards, making it user-friendly. This tool innovation is a large part of its appeal and showcasing aggregate data sets, including creative multi-dimensional pie charts. Drag-and-drop functionality helps save time when putting slideshows together, documents, and so on.


  • Easy access through the web browser
  • It allows using of sample or Excel data
  • It is a server application with full product functionality
  • It integrates and access all kind of data sources
  • It supports Ad hoc reporting tools
  • It visualizes data through maps

Download Link:

7) Board:

Board is a Management Intelligence Toolkit that combines features of business intelligence and corporate performance management. It is designed to deliver business intelligence and business analytics in a single package.



  • It analyses, simulates, plan and predict using a single platform
  • It builds customized analytical and planning applications
  • It boards All-In-One that combines BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business analytics
  • It also empowers businesses to develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications
  • It is a Proprietary platform that helps to report by accessing multiple data sources

Download Link:

8) Profitbase BI:

Profitbase is a business intelligence (BI) solution that delivers critical business information and allows companies to monitor and manage their business performance. It is suitable for many commercial markets, including manufacturing and retail.

Profitbase Retail BI Review - Why 3.5 Stars? | ITQlick


  • It helps make faster decisions on the basis of continuously updated and accurate data
  • It also provides visibility into KPIs in finance, sales, AR/AP, and performance measures
  • It is modular, scalable, and comprises of a data warehouse augmented with OLAP cubes
  • It allows adding new business systems through acquisition or system upgrades
  • It is a module-based BI tool so that customers can select the analytic tools best suited for their requirements

Download Link:

9) LongView:

LongView Enterprise is a business intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics platform that allows the rapid creation of custom applications like reports, dashboards, etc.

Longview - b.telligent


  • It delivers actionable, contextual knowledge to decision-makers at every level
  • It analyzes the information from multiple data sources such as ERP, OLAP, relational databases, and web services
  • It is available on all web servers
  • It supports exporting data and reports to Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF
  • It also allows users to share ad-hoc reports with other users
  • It pulls live data from the server and automatically refreshed in real-time
  • It provides automatic alerts based on thresholds
  • It displays data in animation and motion charts

Download Link:

10) Birst:

Birst provides graphic benchmark tools enabling users to compare metrics and data to other projects, companies, or industries. It allows users to utilize different sources to analyze current and past information to predict future events. It integrates with Birst Snap, an integration tool by SnapLogic. Together they provide insights by merging social and web data across Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics with operational systems to visualize social media sentiment.

It helps to create over 30 different chart types, including heat maps and geo-maps. The solution is enabled with single query analysis as well as in-memory analysis and statistical analysis. The solution also provides real-time data analysis with trend indicators and is embedded with Machine Learning. It has a simple user interface and can be customized per customers’ requirements. With a User Data Tier built on a multi-tenant cloud architecture, which constitutes a platform that supports collaboration, Birst Automated Data Refinement (ADR) refines data to create a Unified Business Model.


  • It helps end-users to access and blend their data with IT-owned data.
  • It rapidly refines enterprise data.
  • It creates trusted, governed user data.
  • It creates corporate-wide metrics
  • It creates top-down Virtual BI instances
  • It blends corporate and local data
  • It supports individual agility, transparently governed working with trusted corporate and departmental data

Download Link:

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