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4 Latest trends in software testing for year 2019

Software testing trends

Software testing for complex projects in comprehensive manner can be stressful, highly time consuming and tiring job. It needs software testers to have the understanding and experience of software testing techniques. No matter whether you are advanced or beginner level software tester, the need for learning software testing process and trends in 2019 will always be there. The evolution of new testing approaches has started with the advent of agile and a DevOps development technology in software industry. The list of latest software testing trends for 2019 are:

  1. Digital transformation with Agile: 

Digital transformation is use of digital technologies to automate the business processes, customer user interfaces, etc. The latest trends in software technology is adoption of Agile methodology to undergo a digital transformation. The digital transformation provides better customer experience and also higher security to the customer information. The organisations will have to recognise their processes, achieve greater maturity levels in conducting the process in the journey of digitisation.

The agile team explains the business challenges, objectives and use cases. New features are delivered with each spirit. Digital transformation is required for competitiveness in business needs. Agile is more suitable in dynamic business scenarios where quick releases of software can be done. Frequent changes can be accommodated.

2. Machine learning in testing: 

Machine learning is an emerging topic under Artificial intelligence, where in the software programs learn from the existing data and perform the tasks based on that. It is all about bringing the revolutionary changes in workflows and processes. The testing of machine learning based software applications includes:

  • Test suit optimisation: To find out the redundant and unique test cases.
  • Predictive analytics: It is to predict the key features of software testing processes on the basis of past data.
  • Log analytics: To identify the test cases which need to be executed automatically.
  • Traceability: Extracting the keywords or parameters from the Requirements Traceability Matrix to achieve the test coverage.
  • Defect analytics: To know the high risk areas of the application software for prioritisation of regression test cases.

3. Increased adoption of DevOps:

DevOps is an abbreviation for Development & Operations. Here the testing begins with the development cycle. This development approach facilitates the continuous integration and delivery. The development, processes, team collaborations can be associated with DevOps term for quick development and release. Adoption of DevOps improves the velocity of software releases.

4. Big data testing: 

This type of testing is the high volume of data generated at the high velocity. In big data testing, tester will verify in terabytes of data successfully processed using the commodity group and the other supportive components. For e.g.. the various e commerce sites like amazon that has huge customers, customer interactions, huge customer data, products and orders is an example of big data.

Not a complete list but yet the major software testing trends of 2019 are listed.



  1. List some more software testing trends that you have come across.


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  1. Major Software Testing Trends 2020 are:
    1. Testing Big Data
    2.Multi device testing
    3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
    4. Flexible approach
    5.Internet of Things (IoT) Testing
    6. Testing focused on Progressive Web Apps

  2. – Agile and DevOps.
    – Test Automation.
    – API and Service Test Automation.
    – Mobile Test Automation.
    – Artificial Intelligence for Testing.
    – Test Environment and Data.
    – Intergration of Tools and Activities.

  3. Artificial intelligence,
    Exclusive applications for mobiles,
    Security testing is becoming increasingly necessary,
    Developing software for education,
    After Covid-19 more applications for online meetings will be necessary.

  4. 1.Agile
    2.Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
    3.DevOps(Development & Operations)
    4.Big data testing
    5.QAOps(Quality Assurance Sees Changes in DevOps Transformation)
    6.Cybersecurity and Risk Compliance
    7.Test Automation

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