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7 Top Skills to be An On-demand Big Data Professional

Information and data have become key strongholds for nearly every sector today. Quantities of data generation have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. In fact, Big Data skills have become a much sought-after commodity leading to an increased number of institutions offering Big Data certifications online for ease and convenience. Here is a list of 7 top skills that you must gain to become an on-demand Big Data Professional.

Technical Skills

1.  SQL

The knowledge of SQL, or Standard Query Language, is needed to create, retrieve, as well as maintain relational databases. This is one of the most basic skills that every Big Data resource must know. Therefore, acquiring this skill is an essential step in your journey towards Big Data certification.

If you already possess SQL skills, then you will find it easier to understand Big Data concepts like Hadoop Scala and NoSQL during Big Data training online programs.

2.  Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark

Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark have gained popularity in the recent few years with more and more corporations employing these technologies for Big Data analysis. The former consists of open-source software utilities that are required in networking and addressing computing issues.

As an open-source framework, Apache Spark comprises numerous in-built modules that assist in machine learning, data processing, graph processing, and SQL. Therefore, you should become certified in both these technologies to increase your marketability as a Big Data professional.

3.  Data Mining and Visualization Including Quantitative Analysis

Every certified Big Data professional must have the capabilities to mine data by generating important insights from the massive amounts of data that are sitting in every large corporation. To implement critical problem-solving skills, you can also learn Data Mining technologies like KNIME or Apache Mahout.

Data visualization and quantitative analysis are interrelated skills. Having a strong understanding of the basics of statistics is enough for you to develop quantitative analysis skills. However, all the data that you mine and analyze must be ‘visualized’ and present in the correct manner to the respective teams within the organization.

4.  Machine Learning

Machine learning skills allow you to execute perspective as well as predictive analysis. While this is not an essential skill, acquiring machine learning capabilities can help you rise above the crowd and really stand out.

5.  Coding Skills

Coding skills can be another plus in your profile. It is important to understand that not all big data computing issues can be resolved with readymade tools. You can take on such problems if you have the required programming language skills.

Soft Skills

While technical skills are essential, you must learn the following soft skills to attract Big Data employers to your profile.

6.  Teamwork Capabilities

 IT and technology are essentially team-based projects where you are perpetually required to work with a group of people that may not always share your point of view. While you may have excellent big data skills, if you are not able to work effectively in a team then you may not be seen as the right fit in any organization. Therefore, if you are lacking in this department, then it is time to start working on your people skills.

7.  Communication Skills

Technical knowledge certifications do not focus on teaching soft skills, but these can be very important especially since when you are communicating over various mediums like messaging, emails, telephone, video conferencing, etc.

Communication flows both ways. Having good communication skills also helps you put your point of view across and understand what is being conveyed to you as well. Since most of us focus on technical skills rather than honing our soft skills, there is a severe shortage of certified professionals with good communication skills.  


These top 7 skills are just the tip of the iceberg as the Big Data community is still in its nascent stage. In fact, this is the perfect time to acquire the right skills and highlight your knowledge to stay in demand as a certified Big Data Professional. The more knowledge you gather, the more you learn and the more effectively will you outshine your peers in the Big Data community. 

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