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Learn Hadoop Online: Training Classes, Free Tutorials, or eBooks?

Do you hope to learn Hadoop online and master the ecosystem? Should it be through training classes, or with the help of a book, or through free tutorials? Before we take a deep dive and check the best mode for learning Hadoop, let’s see why Hadoop skills are kind of mandatory in the software world.

To make the long story short, the Hadoop platform is an ocean. There are a lot of Big Data tools associated with Hadoop to handle the big data and draw inferences from it. So, along with learning the Hadoop framework, it only makes sense if you get your hands dirty with the other Big Data tools such as Pig, Hive, Spark, Mahout, MapReduce, etc

Why is it essential to learn Hadoop?

First off, the employers expect a lot from the Hadoop professionals.  Then, the future of Big Data Hadoop is quite bright and it’s going to stay for decades. Aren’t these enough reasons to take up Hadoop certification training? But what makes Hadoop so special?

Hadoop is much more than just a storage system for Big Data. It essentially facilitates multiple analytic tools to work on the same dataset simultaneously. In other words, it is the most relevant computational framework to perform big data analytics.

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Advantages of learning Hadoop ecosystem:

  • Hadoop profiles translate to one of the highest-paying jobs.
  • It opens up a multitude of career options such as Hadoop administrators, Software developers, testing professionals, software architects, Data warehousing professionals, and many more.
  •  To meet the undying demand for Hadoop professionals.
  • Scarcity of Hadoop professionals where supply is not meeting the demand.
  • Increasing applications of big data across industries such as healthcare, retail, government, banking, media, entertainment, transportation, etc.

Which is a better way to learn Hadoop online – Training classes, free tutorials, or eBooks?

There are three ways to learn Hadoop online; through online training, free online tutorials, and videos, and the other is eBooks. However, the latter two options come under the self-study category.

Learning Hadoop through online training classes

Learning Hadoop through live, interactive, online classes are the most trending and ideal way to ace the ecosystem.

  • They are usually planned and comprehensive.
  • The trainers plan the curriculum based on the most in-demand and sought-after topics.
  • All the advanced concepts such as, MapReduce, YARN, HBase, the multi-node cluster setup, Impala, ETL connectivity, Oozie, Flume, Kafka, Hue, and Zookeeper, are covered through citing real-time use cases.
  • Flexible schedule and competitive environment
  • Easy doubt clearance of complex scenarios.
  • Enables career advancement while pursuing hobbies.

The Hadoop certification training online classes are ideal for beginners, developers, administrators, analysts, and testers who can learn the Hadoop ecosystem easily without stressing out.

Tutor yourself through free tutorials and videos

It might take years to ace the Hadoop ecosystem given its depth and spread. What’s more, learning Hadoop for beginners might be a little farfetched through the free tutorials.

At the same time, there are Hadoop tutorials, MapR Academy which offer quality studying material for free.

  • These training materials and embedded videos can be accessed even when you are traveling and can be received at your convenience.
  • You can pause and play at your will for a better understanding.
  • They are cheaper relatively.

eBooks: Master Hadoop online the third way –  the “hard way”

It is surely the hardest way to ace the ecosystem, but is it the sure-shot way? We recommend some textbooks you can refer to online such as Hadoop the Definitive Guide by Tom White, Hadoop Cook Book which are quite popular for publishing some real-time examples. 

Alternatively, subscribing to weekly magazines such as, Hadoop Weekly, AcadGlid, and Big Data Weekly can help you stay updated to the latest trends and emerging Big Data tools.


You can most certainly take your pick from the above options, however, staying motivated is the key. Identify the mode of learning that suits you the best and go for it!

At the same time, we think online training classes are the hassle-free way of learning the concepts although it might spike your expenses. However, what is a few bucks well-spent if there are bigger returns in store.

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