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Career Opportunities After Hadoop Training

What are the career opportunities you can get after Hadoop training? Is it worth pursuing, and if so, what is the scope and what are the job roles available? How much can I earn after becoming Hadoop certified? Yes, these are the typical questions people have in mind about Hadoop. Hence, let us try to find answers to all these questions today. 

Hadoop Career

The data generation of every business increased multi-folds in recent years. And the priority business is giving to data management in today’s world is more than ever. All these factors paved the way for increasing in Big Data startups in the last few years. Many companies have understood the importance of big data management and gradually shifting towards big data management to derive the most useful insights from the data. Hence, to deliver all the needs of the growing demand in Big Data management, one must know Hadoop. The good thing is it is a relatively new concept, and even if you have zero knowledge in this field, you can comfortably learn by enrolling for the best big data courses for beginners.

How is the job trend?

Hadoop is the primary tool used by most prominent companies and small ones to make sense of the data sets. The amount of data is being created with each transaction is unimaginable. You can say more than 50% of data you can see in today’s world created in the past two years! And the trend seems to be continuing, and it is predicted to become one of the biggest industries in the next five to ten years. All the organizations now know the importance of data management and reaping the benefits of proper analysis techniques. It helps in almost all fields, from managing the stock of materials to recruiting the right talent in the company. With the use of Big Data analytics, organizations can make the most critical decisions accurately. So gradually, the Hadoop is spreading its arms to all the sectors, and because of this, Hadoop professionals’ job opportunities are increasing day by day. The great thing is to learn Hadoop, you no need to pay hefty fees to the institutes, many courses are available at reasonable prices, and even more, you can get Hadoop online courses free. Forbes is predicted that the Hadoop market to reach $99.31B and with a CAGR of 42.1

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What are the requirements to learn Hadoop?

Yes, now we know there is an ocean of opportunity for certified professionals. But how can anyone become a certified professional? What are the prerequisites? Here is the answer to those questions. 

Well, the good news for you is there is no definite prerequisite to learn Hadoop. Anyone can enroll for big data Hadoop online training and start mastering the skill. However, if you know Java, Linux operating systems basics, and key database concepts, it will immensely help you understand the concepts more quickly. Yet, if you possess the below-provided knowledge, your learning becomes more comfortable. 

  • The critical component in Hadoop is MapReduce. If you want to learn this quickly and write MapReduce programs using several languages and execute programming parallelly over HDFS, the basic knowledge of Java, Python, or Scala is essential. 
  • If you know SQL, it will give you a head start while learning Hadoop tools such as Hive, Pig, etc. 
  • The working knowledge of NoSQL databases will make you comfortable while working with HBase. 

Who is the right audience?

As mentioned earlier, anyone from an IT background can learn this skill. However, if you belong to any of the below groups, it is effortless to understand and implement the concepts with ease. 

  • Mainframe professionals.
  • Developers and Architects.
  • Senior IT Professionals.
  • BI /DW/ETL professionals.
  • Testing professionals.
  • Freshers from IT background. 

What are the Job roles available for Hadoop professionals?

In the current IT world, you can get numerous opportunities if you know Hadoop. They include;

  • Software Development Engineer.
  • Hadoop or Big Data Developer.
  • Data Engineer.
  • Big Data Consultant.
  • Software Development Engineer.
  • Big data Engineer.
  • Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Hadoop Administrator.

So, the opportunities are enormous. All you need to do is equip yourself with the right knowledge by selecting the best big data Hadoop online training.

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