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All You Need to Know About Data Analytics

Data generation by every business has increased significantly. The exceptional amount of increase in data has paved the way for the business to concentrate on data more than ever. And consequently, many data-related jobs are becoming popular these days. The companies are looking to hire the right talent to analyze all the data and provide the required insights. This is one of the reasons why many big data courses for beginners are getting more demand. Let us look at what data analysis is and everything about learning this skill. 

What is Data Analysis?

The data analysis process involves sorting and analyzing a huge amount of unstructured data and deriving insights from it. The insights gained through this process are enormously helpful for decision-makers of the organization. This process involves defining the goals, gathering the right set of information to get the answers, performing data wrangling/ cleansing, improving the quality of data, manipulating the information using google sheets or excel, using the statistical tools, and analyzing the data. And in the final stage, presenting the results in easily understandable and meaningful ways. 

The top reasons to start learning data analysis

Many people are looking for the best big data courses for beginners, and the reasons are obvious. The below points make you understand the real reason behind people opting to learn data analysis these days. 

  • The job industry expects a huge demand for data analysts in the near future and the next few decades. 
  • In the current scenarios, the data analysts are in huge demand since the gap between the demand and supply of the right talents is huge. 
  • The data analysts are getting paid more than average salaries. 
  • This technique helps the business in many ways, including making strategic decisions, and consequently, it has a more competitive advantage. 
  • The demand for data analysts is huge since it is getting demand worldwide. The application of data analysis is universal, and all sectors can implement and get the results quickly. 

What roles can you get after learning data analysis?

Data Analysts

The basic job of a data analyst is gathering and retrieving the large data, organizing the same, and turning them into meaningful insights. To make all types of people easily understand the data, he/she needs to represent the data in graphs, charts, and other formats. 

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Business Analyst

The business analyst works with the senior management of an organization and helps make an informed decision by analyzing the data. Their roles include making predictions, risk management, optimizations, and so on. 

Product manager

The duty of these managers involves guiding and making the product successful from the conception stage to manufacturing and launching. 

Digital Marketers

These data analysts must know the consumer behaviors habits, determine the quickly changing trends, monitor digital campaigns’ performance, etc. 

Top data analysis courses

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

MCSE Data management and Analytics will prepare you for SQL DBS administration, building and designing enterprise-scale solutions, machine learning, and leveraging BI data in the cloud and on-premise environments. This certification course will help you get the job as a Database designer, data analyst, and BI analyst. It has 12 sets of exams, and candidates must pass at least one to become a certified professional. 

CCA Data Analyst

If you are a SQL developer and complete Cloudera Certified Data Analyst certification, you can perform pulling and generating reports in the Cloudera environment with the help of Impala and Hive. To pass the CCA data analyst course, one needs to complete a set of 8 to 12 tasks. To complete each task, you would get 120 minutes. 


Certified Analyst Professional certification is certified by INFORMS. The holder will be deemed as having end-to-end knowledge of the analytical process, from framing analytical and business problems to data gathering, model building, methodology, model lifecycle management, and deployment. To complete this certification, the candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree and five years of professional experience in analytics. 


Now, you know what data analysis is and how much importance it is getting in recent times. If you want to become a data analyst, you can take any of the best data analyst certifications and make a good start to your career. 

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