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What are the differences between the “Automate the boring stuff with Python” course and the “Python crash course”?

Python’s advantages are numerous, and it is one of the top programming languages for many years. There are numerous benefits it provides to the user, and as a result, both beginners and advanced users like this programming language. Due to the enormous adaptability and usage, thousands of online courses, videos, and tutorials are available in the current market. The content and syllabus covered in each python course are different. There are many courses available as per the level of expertise. So you can find courses for beginners, advanced professionals, python crash course for beginners, and many more. Python crashes course and Automate the boring stuff with Python are popular among thousands of online python courses. Hence, if you wonder what the difference is between these courses, let us look at them. 

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming

It is the perfect course for office workers, administrators, academics, and all other people who are willing to enhance their productivity. Automation is gaining more focus than ever before. Every business is looking to cut down the tedious, repetitive, and boring tasks by automating them. Suppose you are a student, administrator, employee, or anyone who wants to do more productive things using your computer. Using Python, you can write code to automate various tasks with accuracy. If you also enjoy this feature and automate your task with python, this is the perfect course for you. This course is based on the famous book named Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. 

Automating stuff using Python is designed for those who want to speed up writing small programs as soon as possible. The best thing is that you don’t need to know about object-oriented programming and sorting algorithms. That means this course eliminates all types of computer science and focus on writing code that takes care of getting things done. 

This course is designed for complete beginners and covered popular concepts of python programming language. You can learn the below concepts. 

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  • Parsing Excel spreadsheets and PDFs.
  • Web Scraping. 
  • Sending texts and emails. 
  • Automating your keyboard and mouse 
  • And other practical topics. 

Once you are done with this course, you can write code that significantly increases your productivity, and your job becomes fun, and you can add this to your resume.

Python crash course

If you are new to Python and want to master this programming language as soon as possible, it is the best course. This python crash course helps you learn the new programming language in less time. Python crash course is one of the best-selling Python books in the current market. It provides everything that is needed to make your understanding of Python’s basic things easy.  This book comes without unnecessary information to confuse newcomers. The content of this course is direct and focuses on problem-solving. 

Now we can see the python crash course online, and every crash course aims to provide the basic details of Python core concepts. The crash course provides the details about basic concepts of python such as simple data structures, variables, user input, if statements, functions, classes, while loops, how to write and read files, etc. In short, it covers everything that belongs to the basics of Python. After explaining the basics of python, it will jump to the coding using Python. When it comes to code, it will not go deeper. A few examples will be provided, and again it concentrates on the theoretical part. 

The course provides a great balance between theory and practical coding, and hence the chance of getting bored is very less. The coding will happen while you learn, and learning will happen while you code. Then it is followed by a series of exercises to make your learning and understanding stronger. 

In the second part, this course concentrates on projects. In this stage, there will be no theories, and you can learn to build things practically. The great advantage of this course is, it provides genuine things, which means the examples and projects it involves are not small problems. In a nutshell, this is the best course for a beginner because there is a little scope for getting bored and it makes your learning more enjoyable. 

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