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The data creation of every business is increasing day by day. The outbreak of Covid 19 also pushed those who prefer offline transactions to enter digital platforms and compelled them to become digital.  Now be it a small start-up or big organization, everyone is extensively using the internet, and it is creating more data than ever before. This is creating a huge demand for data professionals, and those who possess big data certification are getting more preference by the big companies with attractive paychecks. So, if you want to take advantage of this demand and want to give a big boost to your career, here is everything that you need to know to become a data professional. 

How to become a certified big data professional?

If you want to become a big data professional, there are numerous courses available online. At H2kinfosys, you can become a big data professional with ease since it has over 40 hours of Hadoop or Big data courses covering all the topics required to become a big data expert. These online courses cover the core concepts of Big Data such as Hadoop, Big data basics, Hadoop core concepts such as Hadoop Distributed File System, MapReduce, SQOOP, Pig, Hive, and Flume. The big data certification courses consist of training materials, assignments, and recorded videos to provide a complete learning experience. All the instructors are working professionals, and they are backed by vast real-life experience. 

Who all are eligible to become Hadoop professionals?

The big advantage of big data is even the non-IT background people, or students can learn and become a part of the fast-growing technological world. The following group of people can learn by taking big data certification courses and advancing their careers. Students who start learning Hadoop can become Hadoop administrators, and their career becomes more rewarding. 

  • Software administrators, any IT developers, architects, and testers who want to learn Hadoop and build effective applications for data processing. 
  • Technical managers who are part of the development process can take these courses. 
  • SQL developers, database admins, and business analysts who want to cement their places in the current organizations or looking for better career opportunities. 
  • Software engineers having the programming or ETL & professionals working with the latest data management technologies. 
  • Data analysts dot net developers who build applications and perform data analysis using Hortonworks data platforms. 

What is the job of a Hadoop developer?

The primary responsibility of a Hadoop developer is programming and developing applications & software using the Hadoop platform. He/she is doing the job of designing, installing, developing, maintaining, and configuring the Hadoop applications and doing analysis. 

What is the reason to learn Hadoop and big data?

It facilitates data-driven decisions.

The biggest advantage of learning big data is it helps organizations arrive at the decisions driven by data rather than the wish and whims of a few people. It makes the decision more accurate and gives more benefits in every process of business. 

All IT Courses 50% Off

Acts as a foundation for Artificial Intelligence 

In today’s world, AI is in huge demand. It saves a lot of sources and reduces human errors. Big data acts as a foundation for AI development. The technology of AI and big data development is almost similar. 

It has soaring demand.

The demand for big data professionals is increasing rapidly. And the best part is still this field is in its infancy stage of development. The gap between the demand and supply of big data professionals is huge, and this is the primary reason why a career in the big data field looks attractive and more rewarding. 

Investments in this field are fast-growing. 

The growth of big data is just now started, and you can see the increasing investment in this field. The IDC ( International Data Corporation) indicates Big Data’s growth in software, hardware, and service sectors. This trend is expected to continue for the coming decades. 

It broadens your horizons.

If you learn big data, it is rewarding as well as fun learning.  If you enjoy solving puzzles and solving problems, you will enjoy the learning process immensely. By doing these activities, it improves your analytical and reasoning skills. Even if you are not planning to build your career in the big data field, it improves some of your key skills.

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