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Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming

Learning Python is essential for a programmer. If you are new to Python, the fundamental question pops in our mind is how do I learn Python, and what is the best way to do that? Of course, the best way to learn any new skill is by understanding the best practices to follow while learning. You have two choices to learn; the first one is to learn Python the hard way or to take the necessary steps and to learn smartly. Being a tech person, if you won’t learn it using the smart way, is a shame! So, let us look at the tips which help you to learn Python comfortably. 

Tips to learn Python

Practice code every day 

Writing the codes every day makes a world of good for any programmer. Consistency is the key to learning anything in our life. So, Python is not an exception to this. There are several Python online tutorials available to help you in this regard. Reserving at least 30 minutes a day for writing code does wonder after a few months. 

Beat the Bugs

The bugs are the uninvited guest when it comes to programming. It is not easy to write codes without a bug frequently. Indeed, bugs will create immense frustration but don’t lose your heart. Instead, take this opportunity to hunt the bug and understand where and what went wrong. Debugging in the same order in which the program is executed is the best way to deal with bugs. 

Write the codes

It is highly recommended to write the codes and taking notes. Writing the codes with the hand is the best way to ensure you remember the codes for a more extended period. If you want to become a full-time developer and grow your career in that direction, writing code with hands is necessary. The reason is many job interviews; you will be asked to write codes on the board. Writing on a paper will also help you to plan your program by using less time. 

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Interact with other learners

Many think that programming activity is a task to be done in solitary. But if you are a learner, surrounding yourself with fellow learners and the people who mastered the skill helps immensely. It allows you to talk about the problems you face and take inputs to deal with them in the future. If you a lone wolf or you have none who knows Python, you can join many open forums to discuss and develop your programming skills. 

Teach your learnings

Teaching is the best way to make your understanding strong. If you are unable to explain things to others, it indicates that you still need more learning. If you can explain to others, it ensures you remember things for a more extended period. If you are short of the audience, you can make videos about your learnings, write blog posts, and many such things. If you are hesitant to do these, just talk to your computer! Any of these strategies will work to enhance your understandings. 

Pair Program

It is one of the techniques with a lot of benefits. In this method, you need to pair with other developers and work in the same workstation and complete the tasks. Here one person becomes a driver and another navigator. While the driver writes codes, the navigator assists the driver by guiding in problem-solving and providing feedback. It is also essential to switch roles frequently to reap the benefits of both sides. You can enroll in any python certification online and pair with other programmers and tackle the programming bugs and other issues. 


Once you start to learn Python, it is vital to implement the learning into action. So, it is a must to build something or anything to check your mastery level over the language. It doesn’t matter what you create, but how you do it matters. If you apply the learnings while coding, it gives good results. 

Enroll for python certification online

The online platform is the best thing for learners. Here you can enroll in the world’s best courses and get instructions from the best in the business. It comes with a detailed study plan and assignments to make your learning effective and comfortable. 

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