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Big Data: What it is and why it matters

The demand for big data certification online is enormous these days. There are multiple reasons for the same. The businesses now understand the immense value the Big Data brings to the companies. It helps all kinds of companies in all departments of it. It may seem like a luxury these days, but in a short time, you can see that it becomes the basic necessity to stay in the game and counter the competition. With each activity of the users, businesses generate some data, and all such actions lead to the creation of enormous data. Thus, let us understand what Big Data is and what is the significance of this. 

What is Big Data?

Well, to understand what Big Data the knowledge is of what is Data is essential. The term data means characters, symbols, or quantities on which a computer can perform the operation and can be stored & transmitted to electrical signals & recorded on optical, magnetic, or mechanical recording media. 

The term big data, as the name denotes, is data of enormous size. The data sets are referred to as big data when collecting a massive amount of data, and it is growing exponentially along with time. In other words, it is a set of data that comes with a complex and large number of records that is impossible to manage, process, and store using the traditional methods. Big Data can be both structured and unstructured, and the source of these data can be from numerous sources. The tackling of these data is the primary challenge many modern-day companies are facing. But the organizations which are using Big Data are enjoying the benefit and getting a competitive advantage. Due to this, there is a huge demand for Big Data professionals in all business segments. This is the reason if you ask an expert, they advise you to Learn big data online. 

The Big Data is categorized with four “V”s: Variety, Volume, Veracity, and Velocity. 

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Volume – The Volume let us know how big your data set is. To consider the Data as big, there isn’t a number, and it is ever-changing and increasing. 

Variety – The enormous data we are talking about here comes from several sources. Additionally, the data sets come from numerous formats. The format of data can be video, audio, email, pdf, and many more. Most data come from unstructured data, and due to this, it is challenging to make sense of these data sets without a proper study and analysis. 

Velocity – The Big Data we are discussing here comes from various sources, and it grows exponentially. The data sets are massive and never-ending. 

Veracity – The veracity implies the anomalies and noises present in the data sets. For all the businesses handling Big Data, veracity is the number one challenge to deal with. 

Why is it important?

Know the pulse of your customers

Big Data helps you to know the pulse of your customers on a real-time basis. The conventional ways of polling and surveys are not effective if you compare them with Big Data analysis. With Klout, HootSuite, BuzzSumo, and TweetReach tools, social listening becomes easy, and organizations can know customers’ sentiments and feedback. 

Easy comparison

The demand for big data online training classes is increasing with the importance of Big Data. The organizations implemented Big Data can compare services, products, and brand image with the competitors on a real-time basis. 

Marketing analytics

The Big Data insights help businesses to promote their services and products to the target audiences in innovative ways with accurate information. It comes with some sophisticated tools to keep an eye on the market conditions. The tools such as Predictive Modeling, marketing Evolution, Lattice Engines, and others help improve its ROI. 

Customer satisfaction

One of the best things about Big Data is, businesses can boost customer engagement. With the metrics, they can analyze the areas causing the problems and provide satisfaction for their customers. 


with real-time Big Data analytics, businesses can focus on social media activity on any subject. For example, you can target a specific user group by offering discounts to that group only using the Big Data techniques. 

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