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What is career path for Software testing job?

Software testing job

With the infusion of IT in every sector that anyone can name, huge number of job opportunities are created for IT professionals. Quality, being a primary requirement for all software, hiring an exclusive software testing team is a must. It is of significant need, for a software tester, to understand the career path for a software testing job to decide upon it.

As being the monotonous test case executor, several career options have evolved in front the testing community. The software testing job options available in testing tools are enormous. It has functional testing tools, performance testing tools and security testing tools other than the management tools like quality center from micro focus (earlier HP), CQTM from IBM. The demand for niche skills like SOA testers (service oriented architecture), security testers are increasing. We require large skill in automation areas, skills in scripting languages like VB, Java, Perl, shell and python etc. Technical resources should have capabilities to check the automation tools and create the automation framework and the reusable components which are on demand. There is always a good demand for good performance testers who can identify the bottlenecks and give suggestions on tuning techniques.

Specializtions in software testing job career: 

The specialisation  in software testing career are:

  1. Having good domain knowledge: A good knowledge in a domain area of the software application is an added advantage for testing professionals. There are domains like BFSI, Telecom, HealthCare, manufacturing and embedded. There is also a scope of software testing in government sector. It is the era of digital marketing in case of government sector as well.
  2. Automation testing tools knowledge: There is a demand for automation and performance testers. They need well equipped knowledge on validation, creation and enhancement in automation test framework.
  3. Certifications: QAI, ASQ, ISTQB are the certifications that are related to testing tools which are offered by vendors like HP, increases the technical competency of an individual.
  4. Niche areas in testing: There are many websites like sticky minds, QA Forums which offer very good insights into the various testing area facets. The testing areas like SOA testing, security testing are gaining momentum in the testing space.

To pursue the software testing job, apart from strong technical skills, self motivation, pivot, keep pace with new technologies, growth potential, analytical and problem solving skills are required.

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