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How can we use chatgpt

Chat Gpt which has been developed by the Artificial Intelligence company, basically it is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot technology which will process natural human language and yields responses, in simple terms if we ask any question to chatbot it will give answer within seconds.

Chatbot AI are the procedure which will keep capture in the spoken or the writing  the conversations which are been widely used in the customer service section company websites it might be Siri or Alexa.

Basically Chatgpt is the model which will engage in the conversational dialogues. Chatgpt was found by some research which is been dedicated to make sure that the artificial intelligence benefits of all humanity.

In the chatgpt, there are versions latest version is chatgpt 4 which will process images and also create designs.

It has few limitations :

  1. Sometimes it may yield incorrect details
  2. It will yield harmful instructions or any biased content
  3. It will have limited knowledge of the world events after 2021 which means we would be unable to get the answers sometimes

A free version makes use of Chatgpt 3.5 while paid one use Chatgpt 4.0 where the company will introduce the premium version.

  • Chatgpt has numerous uses which ranges from relatively direct chatbot type functions and much more applications, users will explore the host of other possibilities to make use of technology in the future which consist of search engine also.
  • Since chatbot has come into light its been viewed as the important improvement on the intelligibility of prior models.
  • Chatgpt sometimes writes coherent and incorrect statements which makes assumptions about ambiguous questions.
  • Chatgpt has ability of understanding content and also details which will recognise when it has made mistakes and it is one of outstanding among rivals
  • Basically chatgpt is primarily used for natural language for understanding and generation and making it valuable tasks it might be content creation, chatbot etc, its been used as wide variety of tasks which is largely depending on how each use chooses will make use of it.
  • Chat gpt is been the leading chatbot technology which has been available today but all the money likely to made from the artificial intelligence different competitions are been poised which will challenge its dominance in upcoming year.
  • Chatboat is free to use but paid version also been launched by the artificial intelligence in the US which is called as chatgpt plus.

How can we use chatgpt?:

  1. Chatgpt can be used in the mobiles or even computers or laptops as well we can go to chatgpt link
  2. We need to sign up the website by adding our full name
  3. Then need to verify the account through code which will be sent in out mobile phone or maid id.
  4. Once the verification steps is completed then chatgpt can be used

Chatgpt does the following tasks:

  1. It can write the codes
  2. It can do the translation
  3. It can debug the programs
  4. It can recommend the song, party and ideas
  5. It can compel poem and pros
  6. It will help us to prepare for the law exams
  7. It will write the essay for the schools or the colleges 
  8. Also it will give the lyrics of any song

Whenever the user log into the chatgpt website, users will come across the message which will displayed chatgpt is at capacity which states that the large number of users are trying to make of chatgpt and server will be busy.

User will also come across error code which means network is unavailable this will happen when the servers are been overwhelmed by the request volume which they might receive.

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