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How to Become a Tableau Developer?

When it comes to data visualizations, there is no better tool than Tableau. Due to the growing demand from businesses for data visualizations, many people aspire to become Tableau developers. So, if you are one of them, this is the best guide to know all that is needed to become a Tableau developer in 2021. 

What is the role of the Tableau developer?

A Tableau developer’s primary role is to collect data from various sources and represent it in visual forms, such as graphs, dashboards, charts, etc. These visualizations are usually easily understandable and help end-users to make decisions easily. In the current scenario, it is one of the most desired jobs for many professionals in the business intelligence sector. The great advantage of Tableau is it doesn’t require any technical flair or deep knowledge of programming languages. This is one of the reasons why many people are doing Tableau certification

The main job of Tableau developers is arriving at the useful information from the large heap of data that every company produces in their day to day operations. However, every client’s demands and requirements are different, and as a Tableau developer, one must understand the needs of their client. If you want to become a Tableau expert, you must be a team player, have an interest in problem-solving, and complete the work within the deadlines. The Tableau developer needs to understand the source, format, and nature of data, clean it, and turn it into creative and pleasing visualizations with different filters, parameters, and actions. The developer also needs to play the role of a Tableau Server Admin. 

The Tableau developer must assist the business in improving the process in the form of visualized data. The role also includes performing different tasks such as generating Business Intelligence reports and views, creating dashboards reports, taking feedback from the users, and coordinating with designers. If the developer possesses excellent storytelling and forecasting qualities, it helps the business and that individual immensely. 

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Responsibilities of Tableau Developer

The roles and responsibilities always go hand in hand, and you should need to know the main responsibilities of a Tableau developer. Once it is understood, you can learn Tableau training and become a Tableau expert. 

Understanding the requirements

The primary responsibility is to understand what the client is expecting from you. Hence, if you are a Tableau developer, you should be able to think from a client’s perspective and provide solutions for their problems. 

Providing solutions

The Tableau developer must find the technical solutions for every business problem. Hence they must be innovative and able to think critically. 

Testing the tools

Once any tool is designed and ready to use, the Tableau developer must conduct detailed test cases before implementing them in the production environment. It will help them in eliminating the problems that may arise once it is implemented in the production. 

Creating documentation of projects

The table developer must document every change and detailed process steps in the documentation. It helps colleagues and organizations in the future or your absence.

Enhancement of systems

If any tool is introduced to the business, the Tableau developer must try to improve the tool’s performance. Regular monitoring is required to come with improvement ideas and implementing the same.  

Excellent knowledge of important tools

Knowledge of tools such as OLAP, ETL frameworks, SSRS, SSIS, and Microsoft Excel is needed. You can learn how to use those tools if you choose the best Tableau certification training.

Required Skills

Creative and innovative

The table developer must be creative and innovative to deal with the different challenges that come in daily operations. 

Art of forecasting and storytelling

The most vital skill to possess is creating visualizations from huge data and representing it in such a way where data forecast and prediction of the future trend become effortless for the users by using the past data.

Analytical skills

Tableau works on the data partition principle, and the Tableau developer must perform the calculations over the data partition.

Comfortable in handling data

The amount of data a table developer has to handle is huge, and they must be ready to perform the actions such as data blending, data set theory, data partition, etc. 

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