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How to Get Started with the Tableau Community

Although there isn’t a single approach to improve your data skills quickly, the Tableau Community is the starting point for all paths. You can find a variety of tools and events in the Community that are intended to advance your data journey and introduce you to like-minded individuals. Check out our Tableau training online to learn more.

The Tableau Community, also known as the DataFam, is made up of users who have a strong interest in analytics, storytelling, and data visualisation. 

  • Learning from peers: You help both novice and seasoned Tableau users learn more quickly about analytics and the program. People can learn from their peers whatever they choose to interact, from content to meets, events, and all in between.
  • Getting questions answered: To answer any questions individuals may have, you compile information from people all across the world. The community is always there, whether you’re seeking for new methods to accomplish tasks or working through an issue.
  • Motivating individuals through the art of the possible: Taking cues from the most intelligent data community, you may advance your data skills. 

Here are four ways of getting started presently in the Tableau Community.

1.Find your data people

For the users and analysts: Join a Tableau User Group to get in touch with other data gurus online or in person. Along the process, you’ll not only improve your talents and receive inspiration from your peers, but you’ll also have a devoted community supporting you. Here, you may locate a user group in your community or sector.

  • For the data leaders: Become a part of a community that connects and educates like-minded data leaders so they can advance in creating data-driven organisations together. The Data Leadership Collaborative leverages the strength of the  of community to address the obstacles that several enterprises have when forming their data cultures.
How to Get Started with the Tableau Community
  • For the developers: From novice developers to more experienced programmers, the Tableau Developer Program offers networking opportunities, skill development, and training for all levels of DataDevs. You can test APIs and other developer tools in a secure environment by using your own personal development sandbox, which is provided when you join our developer program. Participate in the DataDev community and help shape Tableau’s future products.
  • For educators and learners: Tableau Academic Programs offer free software, e-learning, curricula, and resources to help educators and learners acquire and teach data literacy in the classroom. You may get your free Tableau for Teaching or free Tableau for Students licence right now.
  • For those who are interested in learning: Visit the Tableau Forums to work with others, find answers to your Tableau questions, and collaborate with others to help you get the most out of Tableau. 

2.Participate in a community project based on your skills and interests

Tableau Community members design and oversee initiatives that let you develop, hone, and use your data talents on a range of subjects, goods, and purposes. Some of the skill-based projects created by the community, for the community, are mentioned below. See the whole list of community programs to enhance your data literacy. Remember to use #DataFam along with the appropriate hashtag for the community project to interact with the community and share your work on Twitter.

All IT Courses 50% Off
How to Get Started with the Tableau Community

3.Visit Tableau Public to get inspired.

With Tableau Public, you can freely explore, create, and share data visualisations about common subjects like music, sports, and health online. This helps to make data more approachable, relatable, and social. Additionally, it creates a fantastic online portfolio for your work.

4.Connect with a Community leader who is ready to partner with you on your journey

Like you, the Tableau Community is home to daring thinkers, analytical problem solvers, and idea creators. Members of the Tableau Community are given the chance to honour local leaders who best represent the community each year. You make a variety of contributions, such as teaching others, developing excellent devices, promoting equality in the community, and cultivating strong relationships. Your influence has been indisputable, and you have come together behind the idea of advancing the Tableau Community. No matter where you are in the world, connect with them and feel their enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge.

  • Tableau Visionaries expand the bounds of what is deemed feasible. You are the experts, mentors, and team players who inspire today’s Tableau solutions.
  • Tableau Ambassadors foster connections, progress, and inspiration by emulating the community’s ethos.
  • A varied set of voices focused on the Tableau Community’s struggle for equity, inclusion, and equality is the Community Equity Task Force. 


To learn more about the Tableau community, check out our online training for Tableau.

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