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How to Prepare for Scrum Master Certification Exam

Anyone who has ever worked on a project understands the importance of Agile. However, to take a step further, let us jump into one of the most well-known frameworks associated with Agile: Scrum. 

Scrum does not only help the team with the effective completion of the project but also ensure the team works in a cross-functional manner for better efficiency and effectiveness. We can go on and on about the benefits of Scrum. However, in this article, let us talk about one of the most established professions concerning scrum, Scrum Master. 

In order to have a career in Scrum Master, one way is by getting the scrum master certification. 

Offering the certification, Scrum Alliance is a well-known certifying body that offers the certification to experts exhibiting their expertise in Scrum innovation. A Scrum Alliance approved Certified Scrum Master training can be granted simply by a Certified Scrum Trainer. Certified Scrum Masters are Scrum Professionals having appropriate experience and involvement with utilizing scrum who becomes Certified Scrum Trainers simply after an examination. Here are some tips to clear the examination, and get the scrum master certification: 

Know Your Exam

The scrum master certification exam is an online test comprising 35 questions in a multiple-choice format. You should get a minimum of 24 answers right to pass the examination, and acquire your accreditation. At the point when you step through, the exam is up to you, yet we suggest that it must be after you’ve finished your certified scrum master course. The Scrum Alliance permits you to step through the exam at no expense up to multiple times. 

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On the off chance that you don’t clear the exam on the second turn, you will be charged a little fee for each resulting endeavor. You will have the option to see which questions you answer wrong, yet you won’t be offered the correct answers to those questions. It’s imperative to explore any questions you missed so you can clear the test on your next endeavor.

Be Technically Familiar

A scrum master would generally need to help programming and development teams to create programs that keep barriers at least and requirements to comprehend the technical terms and cycles associated with the process – a comprehension of tools like Jira and Asana that would be massively useful to the scrum master.

How to Prepare for Scrum Master Certification Exam

Take The Course

The necessary certified scrum master course holds a duration of 16 hours. In any case, numerous individuals need to invest in energy in studying while notwithstanding the two days spent in training. You’ll probably need to contribute time examining and auditing the pre-imperative materials to guarantee you’re decidedly ready for the class. After you’ve finished the course, you’ll need to take the scrum master certification test on the web. Despite the fact that the course will give you the tools and information needed to finish the test, you might need to invest extra energy looking into the course materials and your notes prior to stepping through the exam. Considering course availability, it might take weeks or months before you get the certification – but if you plan it right, you will get it.
Yes, indeed, the above steps may seem like a lot of work. However, the efforts you put into getting the scrum master certification – by clearing the examination – pays off when you apply for a job or a promotion at your existing role. Many hiring managers and clients believe that the certification you hold speaks out loud for you, and helps you stand apart from the crowd. In a way, this gives them the assurance that you not only know how to do the tasks but will bring effectiveness to the same. 

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