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Top Career Paths to certified Scrum Masters

Being an Agile professional, you must have experienced how, nowadays, Agile is not limited to software development. It has sped its way into various other industries, for several other projects, technical and non-technical. 

Agile’s rise as an enormous worldwide development reaching out past software is driven by the revelation that the main route for organizations to adapt to the present client-driven market center is through becoming Agile. Agile empowers organizations to ace nonstop change. It allows firms to prosper in a world that is progressively volatile, dubious, complex, and questionable.

While Agile comprises a few methodologies under its umbrella, Scrum is one of the most well-known for its productivity and efficient results. 

It is a framework that assists the teams with cooperating and working together towards a commonly decided goal. Much like a Rugby crew (where it gets its name) preparing for the major game, Scrum urges groups to learn through encounters, self-organize while dealing with a problem, and ponder their successes and misfortunes to persistently improve. Similar to Agile, the career associated with Scrum is quite scalable and has a wide scope. 

With the many positions surrounding Agile Scrum Master Certification, it is safe to say that Scrum Master jobs are some of the most renowned career paths for Certified Scrum Masters. Thus, after analyzing the working of such professionals, we have selected the finest career paths for Certified Scrum Masters

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Scrum Master

The position, Scrum Master, can be a start. Improving can remain the objective. An expert athlete can not perfect their game, leaving any room for improvement. Similarly, a Scrum Master can not be faultless concerning their aptitude either. There is consistently space to improve. Thus, if you aspire to choose a career as a Scrum Master, these are the options, or levels, amongst which you can choose from:

Entry Level Scrum Master

With an experience of around a year, you can make it as an entry-level Scrum Master. This would give you fewer obligations to manage while following all the Agile practices you must have learned through Agile online certification training

Scrum Master

After longer than a year’s involvement with this level, you could be promoted to a Scrum Master and will be needed to actualize different styles of activities. Undoubtedly, with the advancement 

of duties and experience, you can assuredly anticipate a more significant salary from your organization. 

Senior Scrum Master

Alongside the characteristics of a Scrum Master, you will be supplemented with the responsibilities of taking care of numerous teams and keeping up concordance among all the members and the teams. You get the chance to exhibit your expanded insight and inside and out information on the practices and frameworks.


A Scrum Master who has been thriving in his present job can stride ahead into a part as a Mentor to other Scrum Masters. This incorporates the transmission of information and support to mentor the team. 

As the team is occupied with the everyday utilization of scrum, the Scrum Master encourages the team to utilize it all the more effectively. The primary intention behind the Scrum Master going about as a mentoring is to enable the people to become independent and the team to become self-sufficient and organized.

Product Owner

Some Scrum Masters discover that they love what their team is assembling more than the demonstration of making it. Those Scrum Masters become great contenders to become Product Owners. Considered as potential Product Owners, these Scrum Masters realize that they care profoundly about the thing being constructed instead of the way toward building the thing. 

Furthermore, from having worked with a team sufficiently long, a portion of these Scrum Masters learn enough about the product, industry, clients, and such to turn out to be highly successful Product Owners.

While there are several job positions waiting to be brought to fruition by Scrum Masters, the important yet overlooked aspect is checking if it is aligned with the skills and further scope as a Scrum professional. Let us know which path fits the best with your skills, and why?

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