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Importance of Tableau for the data scientist

In the Business Intelligence world, data visualization is gaining more popularity in recent days. It allows the data scientists to represent their eye-catching data and easy to understand dashboards and graphical representations. It is next to impossible in the data visualization field to get as good a platform as Tableau. Hence it is becoming the favorite tool for the data scientist these days. For a data scientist, tableau knowledge is a must, and nowadays, companies are looking for data scientists with specialized expertise in data analysis. 

What is Tableau?

A tableau is a powerful tool primarily used in the Business Intelligence and Data Analysis field. Many companies nowadays reserve one or many positions for data scientists exclusively. Hence, they can focus only on creating dashboards and reports for the management or respective stakeholders and audience. It makes you think differently about the data with the insightful representation of data. It is the pioneer in the concept of visual analytics. It started the implication in 2003 at Stanford University and made it available for the public in 2013. 

Tableau’s objective is to make databases, spreadsheets, and other data sources simpler for average persons. And it achieved its aim to a greater extent. If you compare the data analysis process of Microsoft Excel with Tableau, the difference is enormous. 

Tableau currently coming with five useful products. You can get to know deep about Tableau’s components if you enroll in Tableau Online Certification courses. 

Tableau Desktop

It is one of the most used products of Tableau by thousands of people worldwide. It makes data analytics fast for everyone. With this, a data scientist can explore the enormous amount of data and visualize them in a few minutes. It allows the user to connect the data and perform several queries without even writing a single code line. 

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Tableau Online

The availability of data at the right time is crucial in the decision-making process since the timely decision is the need for the hour in the cut-throat competitive business world. It makes Business Intelligence available at any given moment with the availability of data in the cloud. It is the hosted version of Tableau, and the good thing is that it demands no initial setup. It makes Learning Tableau Online compulsory if you want to become a successful data analyst. 

Tableau Server

The availability of data at the fingertips of needed people is essential. This component of tableau helps all organizations to make the collaboration task easier. Since data usage is made by many users in the organizations, the availability of ready and real-time data for everyone is essential. It allows everyone to access the live and interactive data from anywhere globally with a web browser and a mobile application. 

Tableau Reader

With the help of the Tableau Reader, any authorized person can publish the interactive data online. It allows the view and reading of Tableau desktop files online. 

Tableau Public

This product works similarly to the Tableau reader, but in this, all your files can be viewed by any person. In short, as the name says, it allows the public to view the files online. 

How Tableau Helps Data scientists?

It makes exploratory data analysis easy.

In Data Science, often, many people overlook the use of EDA. But it is also one of the main aspects which decide the success or failure of your model. The feature of visualizing quickly without writing any code before developing the model is extremely beneficial. 

Creation of eye-catchy presentation

With the help of many codes using python and other languages, you can get good looking graphics and appealing charts. But if a data scientist switches to Tableau, it allows them to create versatile and beautiful charts without even writing any code. 

Integrates smoothly with SQL

You can easily paste the queries and from SQL and make all the things that are possible in SQL. So, tableau training classes are in demand these days. 


It is probably one of the best benefits of Tableau. You can do a clustering model without the requirement of any code. 

Summary Visualizations

You can easily visualize model metrics and output with Tableau if your confidence score, suggestions are stored in a SQL database. You can even output all categories and manually review the low confidence scores. 


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