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Tableau Classes Online – Pros and Cons

In the Business Intelligence field, the scope for data visualization is immense. When it comes to data visualization, Tableau is one of the top tools which comes to our mind. If you want to learn tableau and join the elite club of tableau professionals enrolling in the best tableau classes online is the best way. Online learning is becoming standard these days, and the Covid-19 has quickened the pace and left no option for the learners. There will be advantages and disadvantages in any learning method, so let us discuss the pros and cons of online Tableau courses. 

Advantages of tableau online courses


One of the main reasons why people choose tableau online training is because of its flexibility. In online classes, you no need to attend the classes at the scheduled time. Since the courses consist of pre-recorded videos, you can watch and learn at your convenient time. If you have personal commitments or are currently working, and your work demands working at a different time, it is the best way to learn Tableau. 

Learn as per your method

The learning method of each individual differs. This is the reason many people fail to adapt to the conventional way of teaching. In online classes, you can learn at your own pace. If you are strong in any field, you can take less time and concentrate on your grey areas. It allows you to skip the part which already knows and thus helps to avoid boredom and repetition.  

Varieties of test assignments

In the best tableau certification online courses, you can see the real-life problems as assignments. That means you no need to work with the things which are distant from reality. After the completion of each topic, you will get the test assignments to make your learnings stronger. You will get the examination simulators in the certification courses to check your preparedness to handle the exam. It gives the real picture of your understanding and how easily you can complete the certification courses. 

All IT Courses 50% Off

Access from anywhere, anytime

The best thing about online learning is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Most of the courses allow you to log in from various platforms, including laptops, desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. These features will enable you to work to learn anytime and from anywhere. The offline learning mode allows you to download and save the courses and learn without the internet connection. Hence, you can learn even while traveling or even if you are staying in a remote location where internet connectivity is insufficient or no coverage. 


Whenever you plan to complete the certification classes, many people think about the cost. In the traditional way of learning, you need to pay more to learn the same content. The reason is it involves more infrastructure requirements, and you need to pay for it. But the online method of learning is free from all these requirements. Plus, since most parts of the courses are covered in the pre-recorded videos, institutes no need to hire and get the instructor’s services every day. 

Learn from experts

The best part of tableau certification online learning is you can choose to learn from the experts. The top-rated courses consist of the industry experts who are backed by the vast hands-on experience in Tableau. So, even if you live in any part of the world, you can enroll and learn from the masters. The political border and other things won’t stop you from learning. 

Cons of Tableau online classes

Requires discipline

The major drawback of tableau classes online is you need to be more disciplined to take advantage of the classes. Since there is no one to monitor your activities and progress often, you tend to become lazy and stop learning daily. 

Absence of one to one coaching

The absence of one to one learning is another drawback many people stay away from the online mode. The one-to-one interaction with peers and instructors makes it challenging to clarify your doubts. Whenever you are stuck with the question, you need to wait for a prolonged time to get online support, which is not the case in offline modes. 

In this world, there is nothing that is a hundred percent perfect. Hence it is the best way to learn by searching for tableau training near me and equip yourself to get the advantages it brings. 

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