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Is It Worth to Do Tableau Certification as It’s Valid for Only 2 Years?

As one of the fastest-growing data analytics and data visualization software, Tableau has the goal to help people understand data in an easy manner. This tool converts any kind of raw data into an easily comprehensible format. This is the reason so many medium and large businesses from all industries are now leveraging this tool to improve their data presentation. 

So, should you have this certification since its validity is for a few years only? Well, that varies from person to person and this is what we will be discussing here.

Available Tableau Courses

Presently Tableau offers three certification levels –

  1. Tableau Specialist
  2. Tableau Certified Professional
  3. Tableau Certified Associate 

You can take all these 2 Certified and Tableau Desktop exams at Tableau Server. These options are valid for 2 years which means there is enough time to go through the excellent features available at the Tableau Platform. 

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Why Tableau Certifications Are Valid Only for a Short Period of Time?

In this modern era, you can’t expect any kind of technology to stay the same for a long time because there are constant improvements happening and brilliant minds from all over the globe working together for the benefit of society. The scenario is also the same in the big data industry where new features are being added constantly to a technology or a product or a platform. This is the reason why most certifications from the Tableau course have validity for two years only, such as Splunk or AWS.

Should You Opt for Any Tableau Certification?

In terms of pricing, the fees are reasonable when compared to other data software certifications. However, if you are a fresh graduate looking forward to landing your first full-time job or you already have some years of experience in your respective industry and are searching for a way to add some high-level technical skills to your resume, you can definitely give the tableau course online a try. 

However, to simplify the idea, let us categorize the necessity of having Tableau certification based on one’s skill levels –

Tableau Course for Beginners

If you are a newcomer in the world of Tableau, you can try to have the certification. Are you wondering why you should do that? This is because the certification will give you a target to achieve. As a result, you will be encouraged to learn more about the data visualization tool and keep practicing regularly until you feel like you have enough grasp of the tool.

Tableau course for Mid to Senior Level Users or Professionals

If you think you belong to this category of people or if you are a data scientist or data analyst, a Tableau certification will help cement all of your credentials that will give your employers enough confidence to hire you. This could also pave the way for a salary increment and/or some extra benefits from your company. 


If you consider yourself an expert at data science, do not stop your journey with the Associate Certification only. Rather, walk the extra mile and earn the Advanced Certification as well. There are so many people who think they are experts with their Associate Certification. However, very few actually possess the Advanced Certification because it is not so easy to achieve. This means you will have to do some hard work to achieve the certification, but the fruit you get to enjoy will really be worth the effort that you will discover yourself when you get to that level.

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