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Which is better career growth – Tableau or Power BI?

The scope for data visualization has increased in the past few years, growing exceptionally well. It is also paving the way for new players to enter the market and establish themselves in the data visualization and analytics field. However, to stay in the market, every tool must consist of the right combination of ease of use, power, price, and brand recognition. So, when selecting the right tool for any business, one has to look at different angles. In the current world, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI is the major platforms people take into consideration for data analysis and data visualization. Let us compare both these tools from different standpoints to know which is better for your career growth. 


Tableau was introduced in 2003, and since then, it is serving every business’s needs. Power BI is the latest one and released in 2011 with the Microsoft pack. Even after the introduction of Power BI, Tableau remained the number one Business Intelligence tools for seven consecutive years from 2012 to 2019 as per Gartner’s recognition. Power BI offers similar features as Microsoft excel does with numerous charts and dashboards. This is why aspirants look for tableau classroom training and give a head start to their career. 


Power BI

It is Microsoft’s product and which came into the market to fill the gap between decision-making and data. It helps the users in creating impressive data visualization and experience by using models and visualizing the data. It helps to gain insights by connecting all types of data sources with ease. It helps to make a quick data-driven decision with accuracy, security, and consistency. 


Tableau is the number one data visualization tool that helps to gain the hidden insights from all data types and make them easy to understand for everyone. The data exploration and downloading of data happen in seconds in Tableau. Tableau’s smart algorithms help recognize & combine data from different sources and shapes according to business goals. When it comes to interactive dashboards, Tableau is the number one tool that makes possible all these things. Tableau’s numerous advantages show an increase in enrollment for the best tableau course online in the last few years. 

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Pricing is one of the primary considerations for all businesses and especially for small organizations and startups. Power BI is a cheaper solution than tableau since it uses existing systems like SQL, Azure, and Excel, to create data visualization. The main reason for cost-effectiveness is because it uses the Microsoft ecosystem. Thus it is the right solution for startups without spending heavily on data visualization. To purchase the Power BI desktop version, one has to pay nothing. Hence it is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

On the other hand, Tableau is a paid tool without a free version. You can get a short trial of 14 days. After the trial, you have to pay, and to access more features; one has to pay more. It comes with multiple tire pricing systems, and users can choose the plan as per their needs. To make integration with third-party tools, you need to pay for the professional version. However, you can get a free version if you are a student and use it for academic purposes.


Power BI comes in three forms, including Power BI Desktop, Power BI service, and Power BI mobile apps. All these elements help to create and share business insights effectively. The fourth element, Power BI Report Server, allows publishing Power BI reports. 

Tableau comes with four products, such as Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Prep, and Tableau Server. Perp helps to data analysis; Desktop enables powerful drag and drops analytics. 


Both Tableau and Power BI come with mastery over data visualization with numerous approaches. Power BI is handier for data manipulation. On the other hand, Tableau is better to handle big data sets, and it is highly scalable. It allows the users to get the answers while analyzing the data. If the prime objective is using for data visualization, then Tableau has the clear edge. Considering all the aspects, Tableau is the best option for all organizations. Because of these factors, we can see a massive demand for tableau course for beginners. 

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