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How can I learn Tableau effectively?

The world is getting connected more and more through digital means, and it paved the way for the massive generation of data. Now with the help of data, many companies are making decisions with the use of Big Data. However, the process of arriving at the right decisions from the heap of structured and unstructured data is not an easy task. To understand the data in the right way, management needs the data in an understandable format. Here the job of a data scientist comes in handy. For a data scientist, the Data Visualization tools and methods help create interactive dashboards and reports to serve the management purpose. When it comes to Data Visualization, Tableau finds its way naturally. However, the demand for Tableau experts are more, and it is kept on increasing, but there is a shortage in supply of Data scientist with the expertise of Tableau. If you want to exploit this gap between demand and supply by mastering Tableau, we have some essential tips to achieve your goal. 

Study Tableau dashboards and graphs online 

The best advice to learn Tableau is by observation. Observation is a great thing that helps you to know more about the things you are interested in. There are numerous opportunities for every learner of Tableau to see how tableau is applied in different scenarios and what are the best practices. It will help you when you start working practically. You can learn the best practices through free tableau training classes available on various platforms. 

Follow the online community.

Following the community is the best way to learn and interact with other people. The Tableau community is consisting of many industry experts and thousands of Tableau users worldwide. It will help you to know more about the best practices and how to approach every situation. 

Read offline

You need to grab the opportunity of learning from everywhere. That means it includes the old school way of learning through reading books. It is the oldest method, but still, it is an effective way to learn things. There are numerous great books available on Data Visualization and Tableau and reading them will help you understand Tableau’s basics. Once you know the basics in-depth, relating all other concepts becomes effortless. 

Find free datasets

You can master the Tableau if you practice more and more. To make your practice challenging and fruitful, you need to find free datasets online and understand them. You can use free datasets shared on forums, community, free practice datasets, contributed datasets, public datasets, and many other open opportunities to learn and master your learnings. 

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There is no alternative for practice. If you have taken any tableau training & certification course, there will be numerous practice sets available to use your learnings and master your skill sets. Reserving some fixed time daily for practicing helps you know your current understanding level and make you take the additional challenges. Remember, the more you practice, the more you get confidence. 

Get trained 

There are plenty of online courses available for free. You can do research and enroll in the best tableau free training course to gain the required skills without paying any money. However, to learn the advanced features and complete end to end training and certification, you need to pay a certain course fee. If you are a beginner in this field, we recommend enrolling in the best tableau course online and learning in detail. In online courses, you have the opportunities to learn from the best. The top institutes’ courses generally have instructors backed by years of experience in the Data Visualization industry. 

Involve completely 

The best way to learn any new skill is by surrounding yourself with people who also pursue the same thing. This allows you to talk openly about your learnings and get clarifications if needed. However, finding the learners offline is difficult and if you find those people also interacting is not easy if they are not your friends. Hence, engaging with Tableau user groups online helps you to learn things quickly. The social media groups such as Facebook groups also a great platform to interact and increase your knowledge of Tableau. 

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