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Introduction to Data Analytics Course

Data is the new age fuel. Whether the data is obtained from an individual or the big companies, every information needs to be analyzed to benefit the businesses. So, knowing everything about the data analytics course will open a new possibility for you. 

What are data analytics?

The primary purpose of data analytics is to help the business to gain from the available data. It is a technique used to study and analyze data to increase the productivity and profit of the business. Data is gathered from various sources and then cleaned & classified to explore different types of behavior. The data analytics techniques and tools often vary from one organization to another. 

If you can understand the data patterns and business administration, you can perform data analytics by acquiring the required knowledge through the right data analytics course. 

Why is Data Analytics important?

Data analytics plays a crucial role in improving the profitability of every business. It aids in gathering the hidden business insights, report generation, performing market analysis, and enhancing business requirements.  On the online platform, there are a plethora of data analytics courses for beginners available if you want to start from scratch. So, let us know what the role of a data analyst is. 

All IT Courses 50% Off
  • Collect hidden insights – There will be a lot of things hidden in the data. If you want to revamp your business, the analysis of data is mandatory, before making any big decision you need to hear what the data says. As a data analyst, you must gather the data and analyze it as per the business needs. 
  • Generate Reports – Once the data is gathered and analyzed, reports need to be generated and passed to the concerned teams and individuals to reap the benefit from the analysis. 
  • Market Analysis – The role of a data analyst is not restricted only to internal analysis. They should study the current market and the moves of the competitors to gain a competitive advantage. 
  • Improve the needs of the business – The final objective of data analytics is to improve the business and customer experience. 

Tools used for data analytics

The demand for data analytics is increasing with each passing day. And to get data analyst certification one must be cognizant about the tools used in data analytics. 


Python is a popular object-oriented and open-source language. You can see the widespread usage of python in the data analytics field because it is easy to write, read, and maintain. It allows the use of various visualization and machine learning libraries including pandas, Scilkit-learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Keras, etc. It is also easier to assemble on platforms like a MongoDB database, SQL, or JSON. 


When it comes to data modeling and statistics there is no best friend than R-programming in data analytics. It compiles and runs on numerous platforms including Windows, Mac, and UNIX OS. Additionally, it comes with tools to automatically install the packages as desired by the user. 


It is one of the most used environment and programming languages for data analytics and manipulation. SAS is easily accessible, and it analyses the data from various sources. 

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is the free software and it helps to interact with any data sources including Excel, data warehouse, etc. It gathers the data from the web and creates real-time dashboards, maps, visualizations, etc. 

Microsoft Excel

The major portion of data is coming from Microsoft Excel in the corporate world. It is the most used tool for performing data analytics. It can be integrated with other applications and summarize and represents the data in form of pivot tables. 


QlikView provides in-memory data processing with the help of results delivered to the end-user quickly. 


It is a powerful platform and integrates with most data source types including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Excel, Sybase, Access, Oracle, Tera data, etc. It is used mostly for predictive analytics and widely used in machine learning, data mining, and text analytics. 

The scope for data analytics is plenty and it is a good career opportunity to pursue. In short, you need to convert the numbers and machine languages into plain English. You can get numerous data analytics courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners online. 

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