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Is Python easy? How Soon Can I Learn Python?

The Python overview

Python is a powerful programming language, yet easy to learn. Now, when we say easy, it is highly context-driven. What might seem easy for a Java or C++ programmer, could seem tricky for non-IT learners. Python online training can deliver results better than most other modes of learning. To pursue the Python course online, look into our 30-hour course program at H2K Infosys.

What is Python?

The open-sourced, free, and portable Python language is arguably the 2nd most popular choice in the software world. But, what puts Python in such demand. A short line of code in Python can achieve more results than in most of the other programming languages. This expressive feature of Python coupled easy to learn and code, and the existence of huge libraries are the top reasons why Python is adopted by many large companies and ecosystems.

Python is used as a programming language, for testing, in fields like Data Science, technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the list goes on.

Python is a general-purpose language which can be applied for various reasons such as:

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  • Building websites
  • Developing Gaming applications
  • Creating mobile applications
  • Automation Testing
  • Data Science

Can Python alone get you a job?

Python fever is catching up and is considered the most sought-after skill in Data Science. Python has left R behind in the Data Science niche and beat PHP in the area of web development. But can Python alone can get you a job as a beginner? This is a controversial question. However, a popular piece of advice floating around in the software world is that Python is a must for programmers.

If you want to land with a job in Data Science, Python should be coupled with Statistics, SQL, Big Data Hadoop, R, ML, Tableau, etc.

Python frameworks like Django, Flask, markup language like HTML/CSS,  are required to develop client-side and server-side programming.

So, no learning Python alone cannot get you a beginner-level job.

How soon can one learn Python?

First off, every aspiring Python learner should identify the motive behind learning the language. If it is to aid in the Data Science field or high-level programming or for testing. Once the cause is out of the way, Python learners can be divided into absolute beginners with no programming knowledge and programmers in other computer languages. Let’s see each case:

Beginners with no programming knowledge

A newbie to programming can learn basic level skills like creating loops, tuples, lists, basic libraries like Pandas, NumPy, ScikitLearn, and how are Python 2 and Python 3 different, etc. in 3 months. However, to ace the programming skills in Python, it might take a year.

To land with a job in the Data Science field, the learner will have to focus on learning of various scientific modules, libraries such as Scikit Learn. One should also develop a strong knowledge of algorithms, SIMD vectorization.

If the learner’s goal is software development, they should also focus on learning unit testing, how to package a Python program for distribution, Windows command prompt, and Linux.

If web development with Python excites you, then an understanding of how the webserver is written in Python that can be extended is required. Then, the knowledge of Python frameworks like Django or Flask that can help you develop the same webserver code, the difference between both, etc should be learned.

Advanced python online training can be pursued from H2k Infosys, which delivers live, highly rigorous, instructor-led online and classroom sessions from Alpharetta, GA, USA.

Professionals with programming experience

If the learner is already a programmer, then Python can be learned with 3-5 months of time.

Learn python online from for a comprehensive learning experience.

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