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Is Tableau worth learning if my goal is to become a data scientist?

Tableau is a visual data tool used to build interactive visualizations in form of worksheets and dashboards to enable insights for the betterment of the company. Tableau enables non-technical users to build customized dashboards easily to give a broad spectrum of information. So, should one learn Tableau for data science? The correct response is, yes! Tableau essentially provides visual data, which is the core part of good data analysis. However, it doesn’t provide the analytic part of it. Learning Tableau helps even non-skilled users to see the progress and assess the work done.

Best online Tableau courses

Some of the best Tableau online courses to learn Tableau are Tableau Training by Tableau, Tableau Essential Training, Creating Interactive Tableau Dashboards, Tableau 10 Advanced Training: Master Tableau in Data Science, and Tableau for Beginners: Get CA Certified.

Tableau Classroom Training

Currently, in-person Tableau classroom training is unavailable due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Due to this virus, people need to avoid public gatherings, and at the same time, maintain social distance. The onsite Tableau classroom training is hence restricted to a large extent. However, besides the classroom training, one can also learn Tableau online.

Reasons for learning Tableau

High demand for Tableau Professionals

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the world is set to produce a high amount of data compared to the past years. Due to this reason, Tableau professionals are needed in numbers to carry out data analysis.

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Tableau careers are rewarding.

Besides, Tableau professionals are in high demand; learning Tableau is very rewarding in salary payment. This group of people is well paid.

Top companies offer tableau careers.

Most top companies like Facebook, Sony Electronics, Dell, General Motors, and Applied systems are constantly looking for Tableau professionals. This enables one who dreams of working for the big companies to have the opportunity to do so.

It offers a variety of job roles.

Learning Tableau offers several job roles. These roles are a data analyst, business analyst, Tableau consultant, and business intelligence developer.

Tableau has a better future.

This is because it is termed as one of the best for data visualization and business intelligence market.

Benefits of learning Tableau for data scientists

Tableau course is best recommended for data scientists or those aspiring to be data scientists. Some of the advantages of learning Tableau by data scientists are:

It is quick and simple.

The creation of the dashboard is quick and simple to use. This happens if one has a CSV file. The dashboard includes various sheets of different visualizations of tables, maps, and charts. Through this, one can drag and drop fields into one’s sheet and select visualization.


One can choose live connections or CVS file using SQL database. As a data scientist, one is to familiarize with SQL or structured query language of the database. Tableau simplifies the process to connect the SQL database to do the database questions and come up with reports.

One is also able to R packages together with their libraries. This is done by the R integrations. Python Tableau integration enables users to execute python code through a framework. MATLAB integration is used for deploying models from MATLAB.


One can do Machine learning algorithms through learning Tableau. This enables one to find data patterns by grouping the same data. One needs to load the data and pick columns and rows while separating the variables to be used in building a cluster.


This is the most important advantage of learning Tableau for data scientists. In this case, one can use the main function’s tool to share visual data.

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