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Python Frameworks and Their Real-World Usage

There are many reasons why Python is such a popular programming language worldwide. Created by Guido Van Rossum way back in the year 1989, this high level, a general-purpose, open-source programming language is favored by so many programmers and data scientists today.  You can develop all kinds of data-driven web applications with Python for maximum power, speed, and potential.   

There are a few highly efficient Python frameworks that give Python unique performance and quality, and here we will be talking about the real-life applications that the top Python web frameworks have in 2020. There are many Python online tutorials that you can look into to know more about these frameworks. 

Django Framework

Here comes the most prominent web framework that Python has to offer today. Developed by Jason Mc Laughlin and Jason Sole, it was first in a job site to check out its level of efficiency. After being assured of its extraordinary performance, the developers soon made it available for the mass and they received an overwhelming response from the web development community. 

Django is currently the largest web framework based on Python and so it has amazing features and power for all levels of Python developers. You will also find a large support group for the Django framework that is working day in day out to provide more support to others. This framework actually has the most powerful interface for admins so you can have a high level of control over any large-scale applications. However, it is mostly useful in developing social networking platforms, online portals, and forums. Also, there is no better alternative than Django when developing a quick web solution with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. 

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This micro framework’s background is a bit strange. A creative Indian Python developer named Pradeep Gowda created it to surprise his colleagues on an April Fool day. He asked his colleagues to create a single file micro framework as a challenge in Python. He actually was able to develop the framework and gifted it as an April Fool surprise to his peers. Since its inception, it has received a good response in the Python community.

Flask may not be so powerful when compared to Django but you can use this framework for developing moderate-sized web applications in Python. This is more suited to beginners who are eager to learn this programming language and begin coding in a short period of time. Flask is a great framework to make different kinds of experiments for newcomers. This is also your go-to option if you have a limited time period and a low budget to get your small web development project done. 


This is another amazing framework in Python which is a nice combination of repose.bfg and pylons. Its most extraordinary feature is the flexibility it provides to Python developers. You can develop a number of web applications with a Pyramid when you are using this framework.  Powered by GitHub, you will receive constant support from the team. Since it is so flexible, the Pyramid is one of the fastest-growing Python web frameworks. With Pyramid, you can develop commercial standard API projects and Python-based KMS or CMS.Now that you are familiar with these top Python web frameworks, check out the online python video tutorials and get to know everything about them to take your skill to a whole another level. We are sure that any reliable python online tutorial for beginners will help you become an expert Python developer sooner than your expectations.

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