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Is Python Necessary to Learn Machine Learning?

The equation between Python and ML...

It’s like stating the obvious. Python is THE programming language for Machine Learning (ML). Why? With Python, it’s not just the flat learning curve. Also, the availability of large ML libraries makes it the “chosen one” for ML. Enroll for the best Python course available and venture into the field of Data Science today. The experts say that a massive surge can be expected in the field of Data Science especially due to the incumbent CoViD -19 factor.

What is Python?

Python is a simple, open-source, object-oriented, high-level programming language. So, what is it about Python that makes it so popular? It is an expressive language which means that a single line of code can achieve better results than with the same amount of code written in any other programming language. Also, the readability factor makes Python a winner. The developer can easily read and comprehend the gist behind the coding.

It has a huge support-base and many top companies have adopted Python as the programming language. Data Scientists look up to Python for quick and accurate results in the field of Data Science. It is Python behind the famous frameworks like Django and Flask.

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Why is Python ideal for ML and Data Science?

It looks as if Python is developed for Data Science. Listed below are the reasons why we believe that:

  • Java, R, also might fit the bill. But, Python is easy. This means that the data scientists can take this advantage and apply their synergies in much complex data wrangling and data interpretation techniques.
  • Python is data scientists’ popular choice today. It has an easy learning curve, shorter development time, and its reliability makes it a top preference.
  • Libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Seaborn, and Matplotlib, are just too ideal for developing great ML algorithms.
  • Python is open-source, but there are huge support communities like StackOverflow which can help developers at every stage of coding practices.
  • Python offers great flexibility in terms of checking the data through data structures right on the IDE. What’s more, the code can be checked in the IDE itself. It is especially beneficial when struggling between the algorithms.

The key takeaway of Python – Beginners can start with Python, dive deeper into the space of ML, Deep Learning, and can also master it. Python essentially makes the journey from end to end possible in the field of Machine Learning.

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