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Is it easy to learn Selenium if I don’t have knowledge of Java?

If you are not living on the rocks, you would know how Java became a part of our life. If you are a developer or aspiring to become one, Java is the basic need. However, if you want to automate the testing across several web browsers, you need to learn Selenium. Many developers get a common question in such a scenario – can I understand selenium through Selenium courses online training without learning Java? What is the relationship and dependency between the two? So, in this post, you will get the answer. 

How much selenium learning depends on Java?

This is the fundamental question many professionals encounter when they aspire to learn Selenium without Java’s knowledge.  And certain people are not too comfortable with the complexity of programming but want to learn Selenium scripting. For both types of people, we have good news. The news is you don’t need to acquire complete knowledge of Java, but still, you need to know a little about Java. If you want to learn to what extent, then be with us. 

Java is one of the things used for writing Selenium scripts and automating the process. That means you can work with Selenium using the other programming languages such as C#, ruby, python, etc. But you will never get the acceptance level from the industry in any different language as you get with Java. So, even if it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended from the perspective of career growth. 

If you need help in this regard, you can find the best Selenium online training in the USA and start your learning process. You can check out the Selenium interview questions and answers to get more in-depth information

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Selenium and Java Language

As we mentioned earlier, the great news is you no need to learn the whole part of Java. However, to do automation testing with Selenium, you need to understand and master a few Java portions. Don’t worry you can find many Selenium online classes to learn the key things easily.

When people hear the term programming, automation testing and other related terms are enough to scare many non-programming professionals to stay farther away from programming. This led to numerous talented professionals shying away from automation testing and Selenium. The common notion generally everyone has about programming is that programming is a vast and challenging subject, and only people with special skills only do that. And a vast number of non-engineering graduates think that only people who have completed engineering courses do the programming. But in fact, anyone can learn Selenium from scratch and master it within a short period. 

How much Java is needed for Selenium?

Of course, Java is required to learn Selenium, but you can know it with just understanding the significant concepts provided below. 

Java structure and basics of Java – The basic knowledge, such as the main components of the Java program and the structure of Java. The other things, including the compilation development environment and running of Java programs, are essential. 

Variables – The concepts of variables are the must to know before beginning your automation. People without any prior knowledge find it hard to learn and understand this concept, but little more effort and time will make it easier to understand. 

Logic building components – To build the logic, you need to know the Java language basics such as using If, While, Else, Loop, and other conditions. 

Classes & Objects – If you learn objects and lessons after knowing the above three things, it will become easier to master Selenium. 

Arrays – In testing, you must handle the set of data with Java. To do so; you need to know about arrays. With the completed understanding of arrays’ usage, you can work with multiple data sets and test them. 

Collections – More than arrays, collections help to manage datasets efficiently. You need to understand what is List, Set, and Map in the collections. 

Handling of files – In Selenium, you need to work with multiple files. To write the automation script, you need to pick up the information from files of various types. Hence, you need to understand how to open, read, create the files. 

That’s it. If you understand these things, you are able to write your Selenium script. All these things cover approximately 15-20 % of Java. Many people start and leave it in the middle because many topics are too confusing, but if you start learning in the above order, you can master it with ease. You just need to search Selenium training near me and join the best one to master the automation

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